The Consultation and Fees

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is often a surprise to clients.  There are so few places where we can talk and the words we hear back are our own.  

By being encouraged to share our peculiar ways, those odd things we do when we find ourselves out of our comfort zone, our very unique sensation, an opening up happens and we are able to learn so much about ourselves.  This can be trusted as authentic because apart from little prefixes like "tell me more about ..." or "what is your experience of ...", the words reflected back during an initial consultation are your own.

This is very important as, for example, one person's experience of a "sharp pain in my throat" will be completely different to another person's.   That experience, when further explored, will reveal more, eventually leading to the core sensation, the one state we find ourselves repeating.

This process reveals slowly but surely the one remedy (of over 5,000) which matches your state as close as is possible.

The initial consultation is always a surprise for me too.  Why?  Because by not guiding the consultation with any preconceived notions I may have, and allowing the full picture of the clients state to reveal itself, I can be very sure of what the indicated remedy needs to address.  The fact that with careful reflection of a client's own words they themselves reveal, if not the remedy, the sub-kingdom, completely amazes me everytime.  Thereafter, using Homeopathic philosophy to guide my methodology, I work through the case after you leave, ensuring that everything has been covered thoroughly and no stone left unturned.  

The initial consultation can take up to two hours and for many is a deeply healing experience in itself.

Follow Up Consultations

These are normally one hour to begin with and get shorter and shorter until phone and email conversations are sufficient.  A major part of the process of working with me is to become self-aware so that over time you can manage your own remedy with little guidance from me.



Age 16+

Initial Consultation  

Follow Up Consultation




Age 0-15

Initial Consultation

Follow Up Consultation



The above fees includes the remedy and short telephone consultations during calling in hours, 8am to 9am Monday to Friday.  As always, if there is anything mentioned on this website that you would like to discuss, please get in touch by clicking here.


Please viabank transfer to 77407490 60-23-08 before the appointment or cash on the day. Thank you.

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