Comments-First task


1. Do you think that we really need to identity low achievers in a particular class?

Yes we do . Our total attention remains on the students who answers most in the class. Student initiated interactions from good students take maximum of our attention and we feel that we did a good job of teaching. The gap between good and bad students simply goes on rising.

Incidentally, In Nagpur, I noticed that my then Dean , HOD and my guide had all failed in MBBS. ANd it made no difference to their careers. In fact they all said that that one boulder in their path had made them work harder. One person actually said, everyone needs a 'jhatka' like that to wake them up!(Anshu)A small fraction of these low achievers may be organic sufferers(psychological illnesses, neglected behaviour and emotional problems, even minor learning disabilities) that hinder them from achieving what their true potential is(Monika)

2. Is it ethical to label students as low achievers and give them special attention?

This is for our own purposes and if end result is good it is quite justified. We do not place it on Notice boards that so and so is a low achiever officially.

I do not like to label students as low achievers because it has a very negative effect and takes away all possibility to start to enjoy learning.

I also am not convinced that anybody is a low achiever and this is not a ‘diplomatic statement’. Students have variable interests and abilities. They are all learning. Some faster than others. Every students circumstances are different. Some cope better than others.

Unless a student has a very low IQ I am reluctant to call him/her a low achiever and even for those students we need a different yardstick to measure achievement (Sheena)

Any kind of label may be considered as unethical.......specially when done publicly. However, in context of our intentions of improving performance of low achievers, it may be necessary for us as teachers to group them. May be just mentally so as to be able to target them in various ways (Monika)

3. How do you identify low achievers in your class/batch/group?

Those students who

consistently learn less ,

high level of absenteeism ,

lack of attention in class .

do not participate in group activities,


drugs , (Suggested by Most of the fellows)

low attendance levels

bad handwriting

Lack of prioritization skills, poor learning habits may also contribute to being a low achiever.(Monika)

·       Well our exams do that adequately. But we are not really sure if they are really low achievers or are just not able to cope with a particular system. I have come across instances where the students who do not perform well in our educational system do quite well in others (ike UK and USA). Not to say that our system is poor but its just that different students respond to different teaching learning methods diffrenetly. (Chetna)

4. Share your memorable experience of dealing with low achiever (s)?

·Low student who failed in a professional came to me .They come after the professional    for   tests and regular tutorial classes. They come up in performace after the exam . Paradoxically they are the ones who remember you after they pass out. You get teaches day cards even after they are out of the college but not from good students. 

·Calling students by name(specially the ones who pay less attention), keeping track of illness(and enquiring about the same), going a step further from being 'a teacher' to being a little more friendly-being less threatening and more encouraging, (Monika)