Achievement Gap


The achievement gap

The achievement gap is an educational manifestation of

social inequality:

·It mirrors other disparities (health, income,employment)

·Tends to follow consistent patterns with respect to the race and class of students

·External conditions affect academic performance (e.g. health, housing stability, poverty)

·Influenced by a history of perceiving race and intelligence as linked

·We have historically seen the pursuit of excellence and equity as conflicting goals

Other Aspects of the Gap

·Teacher-student gap

·Relationships between students and adults are strained or weak

·Lowest achievers alienated and estranged from class

·Institute/class - Parent gap

·Parents of lowest achievers not involved with institute/class

·Strained/antagonistic relations with parents

We know we are succeeding in closing the gap when the

backgrounds of students (race and class) cease to be

predictors of achievement

Research about what students need for success in the GAP:

• Skills/strategies/knowledge of content

• To be goal oriented-MOTIVATION

• To be strategy proficient

• Mentors and connections

• Intensive, explicit, ongoing instruction

• Comprehensive support

• Great content instruction