Helya Haji Taheri

Helya received her Bachelor of Science degree  in Architecture  from  Islamic
Azad University of Mashhad (IAUM), Mashhad, Iran in 2006. She received her
Master of Architecture from IAUM in 2010 and her second Master of Architecture
(Professional degree) from Woodbury University in Burbank, California, USA
 in 2012.
Helya Won the best graduate thesis award from Woodbury university at 2012.

As a professional Architect she has experience in Building science, Environ-
mentally conscious design and sustainability.Her  projects  includes  design
of several residential and industrial spaces as well as landscaping.
She has the  experience  of  working  with highly  reputable  architects in
Osveh and Evet Architectural consulting company and in Iran.
Other than professional work, Helya is interested in watercolor painting, scu-
lping, and earthen work. Her watercolor  paintings  won the 1st and 5st prize
in the  National  Student  Fair  of  Culture  and  Science in Iran in  2002 and

Helya has been actively involved  in  organization  of  several  nationally  and
Internationally   known  art   exhibitions  in  the    National   Organization  of
Historical   Heritage   of  Iran.  She   has  also  organized  eleven  academic
exhibitions in photography, painting, and sculpture.