Database Overview

What is Student Research Center?

The Student Research Center (SRC) is a database developed by EBSCO.  It can be found on the INSPIRE ( website, which is Indiana's Virtual Library.  The database is actually a pathway to several databases that are found within INSPIRE.  Users can begin their search on a particular topic here instead of searching on each individual database.  SRC will search all the databases for you!  Definitely check out SRC if you are researching information on a particular topic or for a certain project, needing primary source documents, looking for images or photos, or just being curious!

What's so great about SRC?

The SRC:
  • is specifically designed for students at the middle and high school level. 
  • is easy-to-use and graphically appealing.
  • contains age-appropriate content.
  • allows users to search by topic or by keyword conducting basic or advanced searches.
  • allows users to sort search results by type (magazine, reference book, images, etc.).

SRC Strengths

Besides the ones listed above, here are few more strengths of SRC:
  • ability to limit results by full text only, lexile reading level, date of publication, etc...
  • contains a dictionary feature to look up definitions and an encyclopedia feature to find information on specific topics.
  • also users to conduct a visual search.

SRC Weaknesses

The strengths of SRC heavily outweigh the weaknesses.  Here are just a couple that I thought might catch your eye:
  • Help menu could be too basic for more advanced users.
  • advanced search can be overwhelming for new users.