Adding to Your Personal Folder

Adding items to your personal folder allows you to save articles, images, documents, and other items that you have found so that you do can easily access them anytime. 
View the PowerPoint below to see how to add items to your personal folder.

Let's add an article to a folder together!  Let's pretend we are doing a research paper on reality TV shows.  Find an article about reality TV shows or a certain reality show.  (Don't forget to make sure you have signed in to your SRC account, or you will not be able to save your article to a folder.)  I found an article on American Idol.
1.  Once you have found your article, click on "Add to Folder".
2.  It should then say "Added" instead of "Add to Folder".  (See this screenshot for an example.  Look for the orange box.)
3.  Double check to make sure your article is in your folder by clicking on "Folder" at the top of your screen.  Your screen should look similar to this if your article has been added.  The orange box shows the article is in my folder.


Kimberly Porter,
Mar 4, 2010, 9:39 AM