FDCPA Related Links

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Here are some FDCPA related links which you might find helpful and encouraging:

                                    National DO-NOT-CALL Registry
                                    The REAL Free Credit Report Website

    Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act in PDF
     Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act in HTML
   Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act in PDF
   Fair Credit Reporting Act in HTML
New Hampshire Fair Credit Reporting Act
    Massachusetts Fair Credit Reporting (One Liability Section)

    Telephone Consumer Protection Act (Summary)
New Hampshire Law on Telemarketers
Massachusetts Law on Telemarketers

    Federal Fair Credit Billing Act (Civil Liability Section)
    Massachusetts Counterpart for Fair Credit Billing

    FTC FAQ on Dealing With Debt Collectors
FCC Consumer Fact Sheet on Telemarketers
     FTC Fact Sheet on Credit Billing

    Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act
    Massachusetts Regulation of Debt Collection (also applies to creditors)

Massachusetts Attorney General Consumer Protection Regulations
     Massachusetts Unfair and Deceptive Insurance Practices

    New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act
    New Hampshire Regulation of Collection Agencies (arguably applies to creditors)
    New Hampshire Department of Justice Debt Collection Guide
New Hampshire Administrative Regulation of Insurance Practices

    Debt Collection Law Firm Files 5,700 lawsuits per attorney!   

Debt Collectors to Pay More Than $1,000,000.00 to Settle Charges.

     Plaintiff Wins $1.5 Million Verdict from Vulgar Collection Agency Calls!

    Debt Collectors Facing Tough Times When Consumers Fight Back

    Woman Sues Debt Collector, Wins $8.1 Million

    Debt Collectors get NASTY: Stats from CNN Money

    Confessions of Former Debt Collectors

    $237,358.00 Awarded to Victim of Portfolio Recovery Associates

    Debt Collectors Report Record Profits [Encore Capital Group (Midland Credit Management)]

Million Dollar Verdicts are rare and the news stories listed above are for informational and encouragement purposes only.  Every case is unique and dependent on its own facts as well as the governing State law and potential additional claims. As explained herein, the FDCPA, generally provides for statutory recovery up to a maximum of $1,000- which is still an excellent result.