Wang Chunyan 王春彥

 王春彥(中文)                 王春荣(中文)
(Yu Ping's Mother Wang Chunyan and aunt Wang Chunrong)

Ms. Yu Ping's mother, Wang Chunyan, a businesswoman in Dalian, has been arrested many times because of her belief in Falun Gong. On August 8, 2007, Ms. Wang was arrested again, and in March, 2008, she was sentenced to five years in prison. Ms. Wang's sisters, Wang Chunrong and Wang Chunying, were sentenced to two years and three months and 18 months respectively because of their practice of Falun Gong.        

Ms. Wang Yanchun is a manager at the Kanglai International Freight Company in Dalian. At home she is a wonderful mother, kind and caring. Her daughter Pingping is 25 years old. Pingping has a pleasant personality and is active and polite. Following college graduation she worked hard to become a medical professional. Mother and daughter lived together. Ms. Wang and Pingping were out in their car on August 14, 2007, on an errand, and suddenly a stranger nabbed them and took them to the Xiushui Street Police Station, where both were interrogated. A police officer even poured cold water on Pingping and slapped her face. Another policeman said, "We are a CCP violence machine."

Officials from the Navy Square Station searched Wang Yanchun's home and place of business. Her sisters, Chunrong and Chunying, were also arrested. The officials even unlawfully closed Chunrong's employer, the Xincheng Accounting Firm. All this happened in one day, like a lightening bolt from a clear sky.

Pingping was later released and went home. Her mother was still locked up in Dalian Detention Center, and the two aunts were sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

The police continued to harass Pingping at home. Pingping had lost her father, and now her mother was in jail. She is longing for support from good people. She knows clearly that belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is not wrong. She witnessed the miracle of Falun Gong in her mother, and she firmly believes that the persecution will soon be over. Good people will have happy futures.

Before she practiced Falun Gong, Wang Yanchun suffered from many years of poor health. She had neurasthenia gravis, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease. Pingping was literally brought up by her father who was always busy at work and home. After Wang Yanchun went into business, the stress and workload took a toll on her health, and she had constant mood swings. She spent thousands of yuan every month on nutritional supplements and medicines, and bought many therapy devices, but her health did not improve. When Pingping was in high school, her mother was always traveling and had no time for her. Gradually, their interpersonal communications broke down. Pingping did not understand her mother and disliked her way of dealing with Pingping. She and her mother were involved in a prolonged "cold war." Wang Yanchun became profoundly depressed and could not sleep well. She often told others, "I am willing to trade a good night of sleep for everything I have."

Wang Yanchun had an opportunity one day in 1999 to read the book Zhuan Falun. The day after she finished reading the book, she slept soundly without the aid of sleeping pills. Soon she became a Falun Gong practitioner. After that, her rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease disappeared. In addition, she also changed her competitive business practices. She began to pay more attention to integrity and quality of service. She became a better wife and mother, and began to do many chores she had never done before.

Another pleasant surprise for Pingping was that her mother began to listen and talk to her. Her mother also told Pingping the principles contained in Zhuan Falun and how to become a good person by following "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Pingping initially disagreed with her mother's viewpoints but was eventually completely convinced. She learned many new principles such as first looking for your own fault when a conflict occurs, considering other's feelings before taking any action, and by putting other's interests first, you will be friends forever. Pingping's perspective on life also changed. She no longer had a short temper and became more open. She was more optimistic and cared for her parents. After many years of tension in their lives, this family finally became happy, and their lives were filled with laughter. People really admired them.

But after the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, a shadow of terror overtook the family. Wang Yanchun decided to go into exile to avoid persecution. To find her whereabouts, the police frequently went to her home to press for information, sometimes even in the middle of the night. The father had to deal with police harassment and had to take care of Pingping's college preparation. His health deteriorated under this huge stress, and he rapidly lost weight.

Police kept daily tabs on Pingping during her college examination days. Ms. Wang Yanchun secretly encouraged Pingping all the time, and finally Pingping succeeded and was accepted into college. Pingping heard something horrible at school one day. After going missing for three days, her dad was sent to a hospital. She took a train to visit him. Pingping saw many worried relatives at the hospital. She also saw several undercover police officers waiting for her mom. Pingping did not know how her father could have gotten lost for three days, whom he met, and what treatment he had to endure. Relatives reported the missing man to the police, but the police showed no concern, asking instead where Wang Yanchun was. Pingping was puzzled. How could they do this? Do they not have wives and children? Why don't they have any sympathy? How could they harm the kindest people?

Her father remained in coma in the hospital until he died. Pingping cried and called out to him, but her father could no long answer her. Soon after that, the police arrested Wang Yanchun and sentenced her to a prison term.

Pingping's grandmother was hit so hard by her son's death and daughter-in-law's jail term that she became paralyzed. Soon, her grandfather also passed away. Pingping found the harsh reality hard to accept. A happy family was turned upside down.

After these incidents, Pingping went to Shenyang City Dabei Prison to visit her mom. When her mother appeared, Pingping was surprised. A total stranger seemed to face her, wearing a dirty uniform, her hair short and messy, with a skinny face and a body covered in bruises. She could not connect this woman with her once beautiful, elegant and well-dressed mother. Pingping fought back tears and wondered how her mother had suffered in the hell-like prison. The tall wall topped with barbed wire that separated her mother from freedom has become a painful memory for Pingping. She was willing to endure the pain for her mother.

Wang Yanchun finally returned home before the 2004 New Year. Right after she got home, she discovered that it had been broken into. Neighbors said that many "robbers" came the night before and searched the home. After the neighbors reported this to the police, the only thing the police asked was where Wang Yanchun was. To avoid another arrest, Wang Yanchun left home again. Mother and daughter finally could live together in a rental home following Pingping's college graduation. But on August 14, 2007, Ms. Wang was arrested again. Pingping had to endure another painful nightmare.

Falun Gong gives people health and happiness. It is such a wonderful practice that benefits individuals and society. But the brutal persecution has inflicted huge pain on good people and their families. "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" are attacked. "Deception, evil and violence" has become the popular practice. Police can arrest kind people without due cause. The courts can sentence people without legal procedures.

These are disasters affecting everyone. The persecution was not supposed to happen. The lies perpetrated by the evildoers and have also fooled the police officers and judges. We hope they might also see the truth and stop harming others and themselves as well. We should combine our efforts based on justice and conscience, and together end the persecution as soon as possible. Together, we are expecting a new and bright future.


女企業家修煉遭迫害 女兒呼籲關注


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