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Zhongxia Tian, female, 53, is a retiree from Hefei, Anhui Province. She started to practice Falun Gong since 1995, and had been a volunteer assistant at an exercise site in the Luyang District of the city of Hefei. Ever since she practiced, her physical and mental health improved greatly. Several months after she started practicing, the chronic renal failure, severe anemia, and low blood pressure that have plagued her for many years, are all disappeared. Her change in spirituality is even more noteworthy: she used to be very bad tempered and unforgiving, and she changed to become very calm, nice, and tolerant, thinking of others first when doing anything and everything. Her change won admirations from many people around her, and with her introduction, many of her friends and families also become Dafa practitioners.

In 1997, Zhongxia Tian was a sales clerk at a supermarket in Hefei, with monthly income of only about several hundred of Chinese Yuan. She lived a very frugal and simple life, often eating only a few steamed buns or buying a vegetarian’s meal box costing 1-2 Yuan for food for the whole day. In 1998, when she saw that many children in poor areas of Anhui Province could not afford to go to school, she sponsored two of them, providing fund for them to go through the elementary school. Soon after that, she bought clothing and food and sent them to the Orphanage of Hefei. As “doing good deeds to let others know is not really doing a good deed”, and she never told anyone about it.

After a long period of time, people from the Orphanage came to her workplace to thank her, her fellow workers realized then that their usually very “stingy and tight” fellow worker is so unselfish and a Good Samaritan. Someone said she was foolish, and she replied, “Thinking of others first when doing anything and everything is what our Master in Falun Dafa taught us.” Her deeds moved many people, the “Anhui Countryside Co-op News” reported on her story on their front page.

In 1999, Chinese government started its persecution of Falun Gong, yet Zhongxia Tian persisted firmly on her belief, and she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2000. She was illegally arrested, beaten, and persecuted, just as many other Falun Gong practitioners in China at that time. After her release, she was listed as a “Key Figure” by local police and the 610 Office, and they would harass her during those “sensitive” days and holidays. In 2004, before the Chinese

Communist Party’s two major conferences, Heifei police arrested her again, and ransacked her entire house, in order to find further “evidence” to continue their persecution, but they did not find anything. She was arrested and detained for 15 days and then released. In May, 2004, party officials again stormed into her house, attempting to arrest her. Fortunately she was not home and the arrest attempt failed. But since that time her residence and home telephone had been monitored illegally, and she could no longer return home, and had to be on exile since then.

In the beginning of 2008, local police of Hefei set up a trap: they stopped to issue retirement money to her, and colluded with local neighborhood committee to tell her family that the retirement policy had changed, that Tian had to go to government office to complete some paper works, in order to continue to receive her retirement payment. On November 19, 2008, Tian went with family to go to the local government agency to complete the paper work, but the agency telephoned the police secretly. As soon as Tian stepped out of the door, she was arrested by police.

A local police officer named Li once told family members of Tian that, “I know those who practice Falun Gong are good people, but the government does not allow them to practice, and there is nothing we can do.” He also told her family, “If we don’t catch her, we would lost scores on our annual review and lose money.” The economic losses may be why the police persisted on persecuting Zhongxia Tian.

At the end of December, 2008, without any evidence, Hefei Labor Camp Committee sentenced Zhongxia Tian to one and a half years in labor camp. She was detained in the 2nd Division of Anhui Women’s Labor Camp. Because she refused to be “converted”, she was put in the “Severe Punishment Group”, with drug addicts closely monitoring her all day long, even when she is eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. At the age of over 50, she is forced to work as slave labor for over ten hours every day. She is also forced to write “Though Report”. When she refused to write, the guards at the camp would threaten her with “deprivation of visitation rights of her family, allowing them to visit once every three months.”

Zhongxia Tian is still being kept illegally in the labor camp. We ask that good people of the world to work with us, and let’s end the evil persecution against Falun Gong and its practitioners.




  • 国际大赦帮助费城女子救母 - 费城分部致信中共安徽省委书记 呼吁释放田忠霞 【大纪元2009年9月4日讯】【大纪元记者辛迪费城采访报导】8月27日(星期四),国际大赦(AI)费城分部召开会议,谴责中共迫害法轮功,会上一致通过决议,立即致信中共安徽省委书记王金山,敦促他立即释放法轮功学员田忠霞女士,立即停止迫害法轮功学员,并取消“劳动教养”制度。   据明慧网报导,田忠霞女士是安徽省合肥市人,现年53岁,退休职工。田忠霞自1995年开始修炼法轮功,1999年7.20以前曾是合肥市庐阳区双岗炼功点的义务辅导员。修炼法轮功后,田忠霞身心均发生了巨大的变化。首先表现在健康状况上:炼功几个月后,困扰她多年的慢性肾衰竭、严重贫血、严重低血压等痼疾全部消失;其次是精神状态上 ...
    Posted Oct 1, 2009, 6:46 PM by Rescue Moms
  • 法轮功学员田忠霞被绑架做奴工 【新唐人2009年7月18日讯】近日,一位元知情人联系到本台记者,讲述了53岁的安徽合肥法轮功学员田忠霞在去年11月被庐阳分局警察强行绑架,并被劳教一年半关押至今。这位知情人也呼吁各界人士能够帮助田忠霞。这位元知情人告诉记者,目前田忠霞被关押在安徽女子劳教所,不仅被迫从事繁重的奴工劳动,还被转到严管组,吃饭睡觉入厕都有包夹看管。知情人:“田忠霞被关押在二大队,每天要做十几个小时的奴工。尤其针对拒绝转化的法轮功学员,警察管教就不让你睡觉,让你拚命地劳作,来摧毁你。”99年中共打压法轮功以后,田忠霞由于坚持修炼,曾数度遭到监禁。04年在躲过警察的抓捕后田忠霞被迫流离失所。这次被抓是警察诱骗她到双岗街道行政服务中心去办理退休工资的延续手续 ...
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  • 安徽田忠霞被卡斷退休工資、綁架勞教 2009年1月7日 星期三   安徽合肥市大法弟子田忠霞被中共邪黨人員卡斷退休工資,2008年11月19日討要退休工資時,被非法抓捕,于12月中旬被非法勞教一年半,現被關押在安徽女勞動教養所(二大隊)。 2007年起,田忠霞所在的雙崗街道受廬陽區公安分局指使停發她的退休工資,並通知她的家人“要她本人來辦理手續”。2008年11月,其家人終于與流離失所的她取得聯系,田忠霞在辦理退休工資時,雙崗街道辦事處立即向公安局暗中報信,田忠霞出門便被警察綁架走,隨後被非法抄家。 田忠霞被非法關押、強制洗腦近一個月,于12月中旬邪黨人員決定對其一年半勞教。 田忠霞在修煉以前曾身患嚴重低血壓、低血糖、嚴重貧血等多種疾病,正常生活必須靠藥物維持 ...
    Posted Jul 24, 2009, 2:42 PM by Rescue Moms
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