Qiu Shaojie 邱少杰


My mom, Qiu Shaojie, age 46, was a middle school history teacher in Yantai city, Shandong Province. In 1997, my mom started practicing Falun Gong and followed the principles of "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance" trying to be a better person in every way. Since then, my mom has gained physical health and mental peace through the practice and beloved by her students and colleagues. My family used to have harmonious and enjoyable life together.


But, all that have suddenly changed since July 20th, 1999 when the Chinese Communist Party began to persecute Falun Gong and its practitioners.


After my mom went to Tiananmen Square for petition and persisted in practicing Falun Gong, she was persecuted by the CCP many times during the past 10 years. She was illegally detained and sentenced to reeducation through labor camp for two years. The CCP tried to brainwash her and make her renounce Falun Gong.


In March 2009, she was reported by her student's parents for informing her students about Falun Gong and the persecution. On March 24, 2009, she was taken forcibly from her home by the Zhifu Public Security Bureau and 610 officers and sent to the local brainwash center in Zhifu district.


On May 4, she was transferred to detention center at the southern suburbs of Zhifu district. According to inside sources, the 610 officers of Shandong Province threatened my mom with heavy sentence during the interrogation. July 29, the People's court of Yantai city conducted an illegal trial to my mother. She was illegally accused of "the crime of using an evil cult organization to destroy the law of the country and the implementation of administrative regulations" and sentenced to four years imprisonment.


On September 10, my mom was sent to Shandong Province Women's Prison in Jinan city. Till today, there is no family visit allowed. We have no clue how my mom has been treated in jail.  

胡锦涛访美 法轮功呼吁停止迫害


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  • 胡锦涛访美 法轮功呼吁停止迫害 【新唐人2009年9月22日讯】今天(9月21日),在胡锦涛到达纽约的第一天,法轮功学员一早就在华道夫酒店前拉起横幅,向胡锦涛,也向国际社会发出呼吁,停止迫害。请看报导。在华道夫酒店对面的街角,法轮功学员一早就拉起横幅,要求法办迫害元凶江泽民、罗干、刘京、周永康。现场播放着炼功音乐,有的向路人发资料。有的人在街边静静的打坐。法轮功学员刘燕被抓捕九次,两次劳教,前后关押四年。父母都被迫害致死。刘燕:“第一次在调遣处,他们把我的腿给劈坏了。第二次,因为我喊「法轮大法好」,把我的左眼球给打出眼眶。在这之前在 ...
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  • 联合国峰会首日 法轮功呼吁制止迫害 【大纪元2009年9月23日讯】(大纪元记者黄毅燕美国纽约报导)一连四天的联合国系列峰会于9月22日至25日,在纽约的联合国大厦召开。来自全球约100个国家的首脑汇聚在此,其中包括来自中国的中共领导人,他们将就气候变化、核不扩散与核裁军以及其它主要的世界性议题进行讨论。 22日是峰会的首日,法轮功学员在联合国大厦外集会,呼吁国际社会不要被中共的谎言宣传“面纱”所蒙骗,关注法轮功学员所遭受到的残酷迫害,其中包括被酷刑折磨、以及被活体摘取器官等;为了人类尊严和基本人权支持法轮功学员,一起制止迫害。 集会中,多位法轮功学员讲述了自己或家人遭受中共迫害的经历,其中包括胡锦涛大学同班同学的太太罗慕栾。 胡锦涛旧友 ...
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