Chen Zhenping 陈真萍


Chen Zhenping

( Ms. Chen Zhenping is a Falun Gong practitioner in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. She was arrested and taken to the First Detention Center on July 9, 2008, by members of the Zhengzhou City National Security Team. On August 19, without evidence, Jinshui District Court Judge Ren Yuan declared Ms. Chen guilty, threatening her with a sentence of 7-15 years. The details of the verdict were not made available to her family.

Chen's younger daughter, Jin Zhaohuan, hired attorney Li Subin to defend her mother. According to legal procedures, the district court should have provided Attorney Li with the indictment and the accusations and allowed him to meet with his client, Ms. Chen; however, the court refused to honor such procedure.

Ms. Jin Zhaohuan went to the court numerous times to request a copy of her mother's verdict so that Attorney Li could appeal her mother's sentence. Judge Ren Yuan blatantly denied her request saying, "We can't confirm your identity. How do we know you're really her daughter?" When Ms. Jin later presented him with her residence card and ID card, Ren Yuan said, "I have to ask for permission from my boss before I can give you a copy of the verdict. Go home and wait."

On New Year's Day 2009, a kindhearted person found Ms. Jin and notified her of the latest development in her mother's situation. Judge Ren Yuan and court administrator Ma went to the detention center and told Ms. Chen Zhenping to sign the verdict for an 18-year-sentence. She firmly refused. Before leaving, Ren Yuan said, "It's doesn't matter whether you sign it or not. The verdict is final."

According to Attorney Li, for Ren Yuan to refuse to make the verdict public and keep everything in the dark clearly demonstrates that Ren not only has violated the law but has also committed a criminal act. "Not only is Ren abusing his authority but he is also interfering with carrying out the law." Attorney Li suggested that Ms. Chen's family report Ren Yuan to higher authorities.

Upon repeated requests from Ms. Jin Zhaohuan, Ren Yuan finally promised to give her a copy of the verdict on January 4. On arriving in court that day, Ren Yuan stated, "How do I know if you are truly Chen Zhenping's daughter? Show me your residence card." Ms. Jin was infuriated and said, "You're really bullying people. I won't leave if you don't give me the verdict." Ren Yuan pushed her down and showered her with kicks and pummeled her with his fists. He even grabbed her hair and knocked her head against a wall.

Ren Yuan's staff managed to stop him. Ms. Jin was all tears due to the beating and went to court administrator Ma's office to lodge a formal complaint against the judge. Ma didn't believe her and took her back to Ren Yuan's office where everyone lied, saying that nothing had happened. Ms. Jin then dialed 110 (Chinese equivalent of 911 in the US) but was told it was none of their business. One of her friends also arrived at the court to help her seek justice but was also told that nothing had happened to Ms. Jin.

Ms. Chen Zhenping's older daughter, Ms. Jin Zhaoyu, is currently in Finland. She calls upon the international community to help rescue her mother. She has contacted almost all of the 200 Finnish parliament members, the President of Finland, the European Union, Amnesty International (AI), and the Red Cross. They could not believe such a thing is still happening in China, and many of them kindly wrote back to her to show their support.

Director of Criminal Court Ma: 86-371-63912039 (Office)
Judge Ren Yuan: 86-371-63936628

Original article date: 1/18/2009
Chinese version available at



陈真萍 - 中文新闻消息

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  • 陳真萍非法被判八年 律師要申訴 【新唐人2009年1月9日訊】近日,本臺連續報導了鄭州法輪功學員陳真萍的女兒金昭宇在芬蘭呼籲營救母親的情況,金昭宇告訴記者說,在家屬強烈要求下,她們拿到了母親的判決書,陳真萍被金水區法院判刑八年,陳真萍的辯護律師準備提起判決後申訴。目前陳真萍仍被關押在鄭州第一看守所。 金昭宇對記者說一位知情人告知妹妹金昭桓元旦前法官任遠曾帶著一份判刑十八年的判決書到看守所要求陳真萍簽字,遭到陳真萍的拒絕。 金昭宇:「媽媽被判刑十八年,是一個好心人告知,我覺得我媽媽做的挺對的,因為她不簽字代表她也是不承認嘛,修煉「真、善、忍」是好人,我們又沒犯罪,我為甚麼要簽字。 金昭宇說,妹妹昭環幾次去法院要母親的判決書,想請律師上訴 ...
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