Tables of 10 for $250

Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door

Kids 12 and under are FREE
Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to:
"Help Jeff Beat Pulmonary Fibrosis"


Mail to:

Korie Crossman

40 Shawmut Ave.

Marlborough, MA 01752

You can also contact us by e-mail at:
 Or call Kara at (508) 485-5075
Sun. October 6th from 1pm - 6pm
The Hudson Elks Pavilion
99 Park St. Hudson, MA
Thank you ALL for your love and support for making the last benefit so special!!! Let's try to do the same for Round 2!!!

Before Transplant

 After Transplant

Ever heard the name Jeffrey Chapman? If you have then I am sure you would associate it with kindness, generosity, and laughter. He is the type of person who would drop everything he was doing to help you out with any problem you were having. He has dedicated his life to taking care of his wife, 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Now it is time for us to take care of him.
Here is a message from my dad to all...

Hello Everyone

Sat Dec.15th.

Here is the latest exciting news about me (Jeff).

On Monday Dec 4th I was admitted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital around 5:00 PM to undergo a lung transplant (single lung). The operation was a success. I underwent surgery around 7:30 PM Monday evening and was in the ICU by 2:00 AM Tuesday. The doctors reported that I did very well during the procedure. The original plan, or protocol, is to spend three weeks in the hospital recovering and another three weeks at a rehab facility or home care. I have kept a positive attitude through this whole process as I knew it was something I could recover from if I worked hard and followed the doctor’s orders. I believe the support from everyone – thoughts, prayers, well wishes, Facebook posts, emails, cards, words of encouragement, and faith have all been an integral part of the progress I have made. Thank you all for the encouragement and support, you have all been great. My family has been incredible. I will try in near future to send personal emails (my hand writing is not the greatest as the medicine causes my hands to shake so if I write something you probably won’t be able to read it – serious LOL.. The benefit was a huge success – I still cannot believe the turnout!

I did not want to send any info premature – but as it stands now I am scheduled to be released from the hospital on Monday Dec 17th (a week ahead of schedule!). I will now begin the longer healing process of medications and cautions to ensure my body does not reject the new lung so I have to wear a mask when I leave the house. My breathing feels great – no more coughing, shortness of breath or having to use oxygen. I do hope to be out and playing my music in a few months – time will tell. I may be able to play (wearing a mask) but will still have to keep a bit of distance from the audience for a while.

The Mason Tyler Trio will still be playing at Guiseppe’s Grille in Northborough on a once a month basis (we have a friend filling in for me). I will be updating the schedule on our website page and also on our Facebook page. The trio will next be at Guiseppe’s Grille on Friday Dec 28th.

My family and I wish you all a Merry Christmas

I will send another message when I get HOME!

Regards, Jeff

Jeff is currently at Brigham and Womens in surgery recieving his new/used lung... Like the facebook page to see updates...

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