Asphalt Fiends Coloring Book

32 pages!!!

This is the ultimate hot rod coloring book!!!

Many years ago there was a very different kind of coloring book released....the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth coloring book.

Ed Roth was a unique individual involved in car customizing, art, motorcycles, and known for creating the cultural icon - Rat Fink. Back in '65 Roth released his coloring book and inside were all sorts of monsters and mayhem....just the kind of stuff to get the kids riled and restless.

These original coloring books are now very collectible and considered one of the holy grails in Roth memorabilia.

Fast forward 40+ years and you have seen other artists have put out their own hot rod / monster art coloring books as well. Ben "Drag Daddy" Mitchell as well as the Manifold on Main St coloring book are both very popular.

Some of the best low brow artists in the world came to the help of Vintage Torque Fest at the first gathering in 2010. And this year they are coming through again - this time with a coloring book!

Artists include:Sinclair, Mark Thompson, Chad Lampert, Grant Cushman, Zakka, Joey Finz, Big Toe, Jim Hively, Mike Learn, Eric Foust, Arlo Dillman, BOMONSTER, Ryan Curtis, Ben Mitchell, Corrie Erickson, Max Grundy, Chad Scheres, Bruce Gossett, Ger Peters, Jeff Gaither and more

And a very special cover by Zombie!

Here is the back cover by Big Toe:

Here is a sample page for 2013 from Topes Thompson