Coach Dan

Daniel L. Dellamarine Sr. Founder & Owner of Helping Hands Gym, LLC
The "Helping Hands Gym" initiative was realized by owner
Daniel L. Dellamarine Sr. in March 2012 as a vision to organize and develop family interaction through physical fitness.

Helping Hands Gym is focused on providing fitness to improve individual fitness, strength and social levels of children and adults over time.

Helping Hands Gym
"Bringing Fitness and Families Together"

Helping Hands Gym was founded through this father’s vision to provide a vehicle to physical and social interaction within the family.  Helping Hands Gym is poised on developing it's creating a unique and exclusive “Family Friendly” facility which will accommodate an adaptive fitness programs specifically for all members of the family. 

"It is through my own personal experience as a practitioner and instructor in martial arts, kick boxing and fitness training, that I have influenced not only positive change in my personal life style and conditioning but also in that of several children and adults regardless of skill level."
"As a parent, I was driven to make a difference socially if not only for my family but also for those families who find themselves withdrawing into walls of their home simply due to a lack of alternative activity venue supportive the family for physical fitness and interaction.
Daniel L. Dellamarine Sr.

Helping Hands Gym is grounded with the ideal of educating children and adults in the health and social benefit of physical fitness activity. The ideal begins at home with the entire family effort to affect social awareness and the ability to engage, communicate, and effectively socialize with all family members. 

Helping Hands Gym Inc. is a registered and licensed business in New Jersey.