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The picture above is an African pygmy hedgehog.they are very different to our british wild hedgehogs.They can not survive out in the wild here in uk. They are exotic pets and need permanant warmth and special diet.The pic shows you how very different they are from our wildies.(left) One main difference to look for is size of their feet...They're very tiny.Look at the wild hhogs foot on the pic to the left.its huge. We rescue WILD hedgehogs.So if you think you have an African pygmy hedgehog contact the national exotic hedgehog rescue at. http://www.homelesshogs.co.uk/.. Of course we are always happy to help and advise in these circumstances.

We are a non profit hedgehog rescue organisation based  in Grimston near kings lynn Norfolk,UK.
We take in sick,injured or orphaned wild hedgehogs and happily give advice. .

 I have worked with WILD Hedgehogs in UK for over 20 years plus all other british wildlife throughout the years..My partner Chris has also worked most of his life with animals so we work together.

Wild hedgehogs are in decline and there's only about 1 million left so need our help! They could be extinct by 2025!! .I have great success in hand rearing tiny orphaned hedgehogs from as small as 30 grams as well as sick hogs or just too small for hibernating .

Please contact me (Angie) on 07880726552 or Chris..07866921524.  Please DO leave a message and phone number if we don't manage to answer and we will get back to you asap. 

We are in need of more  , large hutches and runs, pedigree puppy food (lamb n rice),chicken in jelly cat or dog food,dry cat food, old towels,tea towels sheets and facecloths or a donation in money to help us buy Equipment,food or vet fees etc 

Each hedgehog costs around £5 a week just to feed.on top of that we have medications,bedding ,equipment,electricity,petrol etc.

You can make donations through PAYPAL using this email address...hubbardangela9@gmail.com  Please make sure you click on the FRIENDS N FAMILY option NOT goods n services because paypal will take fees from the donation!!.    
Many thanks to all our supporters....without all your donations we couldn't keep the rescue going.xx