Rachel's Cafe World

update 2/7/2013

Thanks to David C for the new coding system! You rock! (this is a different David than our friend Freddy cook gave us a few months back.)

SENDER - send food or part from a friend/relative's account to yours as a gift.

FROM person needs to be currently logged into facebook. Enter USER ID of person sending FROM in first box, sending TO in 2nd box. part or food GID in third. Click the button.

A small list of "click here" will show up. Click them one at a time, each click will open a new window and complete the send for you, sending one part/food to the TO person. Each window should have the


message.If they do not, click on URL (it will highlight) and hit enter on each window, until the payload message shows up, then close window and move on to the next one.

Go to 2nd account and accept your gifts slowly before coming back to sender and starting over. REFRESH the page to start over. 

Note, you CANNOT use F5 to repeat any part. This is the only way around the new coding - one at a time. I recommend using current "choose your own foods" for helping with food load, as this will be tedious. It is best for parts. 


update 2/1/2013

this help no longer works

USING A HELP CREATED BY MY DAUGHTER, RACHEL. It is to SEND food/parts from one account to another.


1/25/2013 - regular site was again blocked by zynga. here is the temp fix directions:

Be logged into your 2nd account (spouses's, daughter's etc) on facebook. In same browser that you are currently logged in on..
Enter the USER ID of the 2nd account in the first box, Enter YOUR USER ID in the second box.
Enter the GID of the food or part you need in the third box, Hit the button!
You will see a new message appear below the boxes that says : here is your url. Click here!
Click on that link. Now, one of two things will happen here. It will take you to the blank white screen with no words.. or a screen with the words {"payload":[],"success":true,"message":null}. If you see NOTHING.. then click anywhere in the URL on that window and hit your ENTER key. THEN you will see the message {"payload":[],"success":true,"message":null}. Once you have the message, hit your F5 key up to 20 times, waiting one second in between each hit. If you only need 7 parts, hit the F5 key 7 times.
Open YOUR account in a new browser - and load cafe world. Accept all the GIFTS in the ZMC, then REFRESH your cafe.
P.S. if you are doing foods, once you have the payload message, engage your autorefresh on your chrome or firefox browser for less clicking. PLEASE USE RESPONSIBLY!!!! 


Rachel came home from college for Thanksgiving break.. and worked on making us a new help.
so READ these instructions, then start getting your new helps. - please consider thanking her by clicking her donate button on her site and sending her a cup of coffee once a month. It would mean a lot. Thanks.


How this works: This is a SEND GIFTS link. Using this program sends 20 of whatever GID you type in, to the person you are GIFTING it to. So this is a 2 account system. Also, because it sends 20 at a time, PLEASE ACCEPT THE 20 ITEMS IN YOUR MESSAGE CENTER BEFORE CLICKING AGAIN. THIS will not work with catering and buildable parts. Those are planned for a future help... this is all I have for you right now.

Note: Some of you are abusing the helps... and by abuse I mean thousands of clicks per day. Maybe you are only getting one item per click.. however you are still taking resources and bandwidth that others cannot have now. Please see the bottom of this page for help with the one-at-a-time problem.. otherwise.. slow down, share the wealth. (its only about 10 people.. but please stop it. you 10 can take her down, and I don't want that to happen. thanks.)

Step 1: You must have a friend go to the link. This is NOT for YOU to use, it is for a FRIEND to SEND you stuff. If you have access to a husband's account, or your daughter's - whatever - that works too. So step 1 is to log into facebook in Chrome or Firefox on the 2nd account. (Note: if you do not have access to a second account, get a good cafe friend to come here and do this for you. it won't take them long :)
Step 2: Log into CAFE WORLD on that 2nd account 
Step 3: Open the Send Food page on Rachelscafeworldtoo.com (link is below directions)

Step 4: Enter the USER ID of the person you are pretending to be in the FROM box (husband, sister, whatever - the one you are logged into)

Step 5: Enter the USER ID where you want the food/items to GO in the TO box (that would be YOUR ID if sending to yourself from your husband)

Step 6: Enter the GID of the food or part you need. Find food by looking on my food GID page or find GID numbers for PARTS on their respective quest pages (the column on the left side of this website).

Step 7: Click the "I want free food" button. IF YOU WILL NEED MORE THAN 20, JUST MINIMIZE WINDOW FOR LATER USAGE.

Step 8: Log into facebook on YOUR account on a DIFFERENT browser than the 2nd account is logged in on. For example, if you are on your husband's account in Firefox, load up your facebook account in Chrome. 
Step 9: Open cafe world, and Accept the items in your ZMC  - if you want to see if they counted, sell or serve one item from your gift box and then check. 

Step 10: to get more food/items, start again at STEP 6 - by changing the GID you need and hitting the button again. please remember to ACCEPT ALL ITEMS IN YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT BEFORE SENDING MORE. It was proven in David's program that accepting smaller amounts helped them all count more often. Large amounts just bogs down the servers and still won't make it to your gift box.

REMINDER: Just like before... once the food/items hits the ZMC there is nothing more we can do. If you receive 20, but only 12 show up in your gift box, then you need to accept them slower. I usually click accept only button, then count to 10, before closing my ZMC. THEN go sell/serve something from Gift Box to see how many showed up!

If you get this message on a new page {"payload":[],"success":true,"message":null}"  
on the 2nd accounts window when you hit the button... click the BACK ARROW on your browser to go back to the page and try again. If you see that message, then it did not work. If it happens again, clear your cache, and also try changing browsers. 


Never use IE... use chrome or firefox

WHEN you send.. accept the 20 that show up in INBOX, then SELL one item or serve one item from giftbox to make the new items show up... BEFORE sending yourself more.

if you only get one there's things you need to do. #1 remove cafe worlds right to post on your behalf (in settings for game. ) #2 remove secure browsing (facebook settings) FOR BOTH THE SENDING AND RECEIVING ACCOUNTS #3 empty your giftbox... yes empty. I know, I know.. hard to do.. but worth it. #4 after doing all that, clear cache, close browser. #5 - if it still doesnt work try uninstalling cafe world (remove app), close facebook, RESTART COMPUTER, then open back up facebook, reinstall app. #6. Remove the gamers unite snag bar - it has been known to cause a one-at-a-time gift scenario. #7. If still issues, contact zynga and ask them to empty your giftbox, tell them you have ghost items in there and you cannot clear them. AND have them clear your IN-GAME cache - its something only they can do.

Get back to me ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE after trying all this

DISCLAIMER: as with my site and Rachel's cafe world as well, in August, Big Z killed our helps. David's was halted repeatedly, then quit working with 5 digits. It WILL happen again... its just a matter of time. Use it while you can, but please don't abuse it because there are others who need to use it too. The bandwidth on her server can only handle so much traffic. If you need to use Rachel's for catering, limit your total food counts to 100 food clicks an hour (2,000 foods).. so the server can stay up. If too many people use it too harshly IT WILL GO DOWN. No one HAS to get their catering mission done in 7 minutes flat guys... lets be wise about this. If it goes down 4 times in a month, her server will kick her off.. so please, be careful. Thanks. 

And Please don't forget to send her a cup of coffee once a month to say thanks! (any donations to her pays for her server hosting and domain, etc, as well)

update 1/13/2013 - quite a few of you now are doing the mega clicks - using multiple windows and probably auto-refresh too. Every day people are getting to over 2,000 clicks - for one user. Guys, 2,000 clicks is 40,000 items. FORTY THOUSAND! Get real! Do you WANT this help to get stopped? Rachel has a limited amount of bandwidth to share among everyone who is trying to get help. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR HELPS TO 500 "I want free food" CLICKS PER DAY FOR ASK AND SEND COMBINEDThat is 10,000 items.. isn't that enough? Thanks. (if you are only getting one item per click, contact me on the facebook page.. after reading the troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this page and trying them all out. So far, we have been able to resolve 100% of people who have had this issue!)

update 1/11/2013 - a note about spices. I've been asked many times why Rachel's helps won't send spices. Well.. spices are special, and when I discussed the helps I wanted for everyone, we chose NOT to crack that code to get them. And I will tell you why. 
Back in August.. before zynga blocked all the helps, you could click on items and get them. Awesome. And with Rachel's food sender, food was also free - as much as you wanted. Awesome. THEN the change happened. They killed my links, and killed her program. 60 % of cafe players quit that week. Yeah, I'm not kidding, I've seen the numbers. So... Now many of you use other sites for help - and that's awesome! However, before it died.. remember with Rachel's previous food sender - many foods that were used for catering got saturated, and didn't work. Herbed Halibut, Spicy deviled eggs, Falafel, etc. All the older foods that were repeated in catering mission after catering mission. Yeah, those foods bogged down the servers in zyngaland, and quit working ... which put anyone who had to have them for their random food for a goal in a bind! Cooking or spicing was the only option. So that brings us up to November. (yeah, David's program was in there between Rachel's old and Rachel's new) When Rachel released her new sender, and free food and parts with 5 digits again worked, we didn't bother to go the extra step to make spices work.. BECAUSE WE WANT THEM TO WORK. yeah. Remember.. saturated foods? If spices were available.. then everyone would just get spices. Nothing but spices. Sure.. many of you say.. "not me, I would get foods!" but with even 25% of free items being spices.. SPICES WOULD BE SATURATED IN CAFEWORLD  then you couldn't ever get ANY, EVER. Like the people who were stuck cooking for the goals for those saturated foods.. the occasional spices your friends send to you would no longer add up in your spice rack! We were trying to avoid a catastrophe. YES, I know, you can still get them other places. And I know, you are careful how many you get. But seriously.. if you knew how many spices are running through inboxes each day.. do you REALLY think zynga doesn't see that?? Do you REALLY think they don't notice that people are receiving 1000 spices per day or more??? If I need 200 Bacon Cheeseburgers, 200 pot roast, 200 voodoo chicken salads and 200 King crab bisque.. thats 4 different things going into my inbox. If i just pull 800 spices.. thats 1 thing. Which do you think raises a red flag more??? When I dale foods and send out, It is totally reasonable to expect over 100 back. What's the chances of getting randomly 100 spices?? Which do you think Zynga would notice more? 100 foods.. which is a commonly returned item.. or 100 spices.. which are only purchasable, not returnable? And besides all that, more than one person has written into my facebook page that they were banned for using helps. When I questioned them in detail.. they were using the other help site (not rachel's) and pulling thousands of spices. nothing but spice. 
So there you go... we are trying to SAVE the helps (so zynga doesn't kill them)... by not offering spices. Rant over, have a nice day :)

update 1/6/2013 - added another new troubleshooting tip that will fix the ONE-at-a time receiving issue!!!! 
You have to have both the sending AND receiving accounts DISABLE SECURE BROWSING!!!  I only knew about doing it for my account.. never thought of both of them! Thanks to Pam for this info! - for more tips.. scroll to bottom of this page to the troubleshooting section.

update 1/1/13 - added new troubleshooting ideas (scroll to bottom of page to find them)

update 12/16/12 - new help added here
and yes, her food and parts sender still works too! read below for that

update 12/13/12

David's program is NOT working any longer in ANY form at this time. sorry. 

update 12/12/12

looks like the "scheduled maintenance" that cafe world has been pushing for the past few days was blocking all the helps. I DO NOT KNOW if they will come back, all I know is in the few minutes I've been testing, nothing is coming through. If you have another way, please use it :) .. Rachel will be home next week for Christmas break. I can't do anything without her. sorry guys :( I do not know if this affects David's program or not.. I can't test it tonight. If you want to comment, please send as a MESSAGE to the facebook page, and DO NOT POST ON THE WALL. thanks,.