"l" sound in SENTENCES

The “l” Sound in Sentences


Lions like to roar!

The little lady lost her keys.

The yellow lemon rolled off the table.

I love lemon lollipops!

Leo doesn’t like to lose.

Look at the elephant lurking behind the lighthouse.

The ladybug lit on the lavender flower.

I like jelly on my waffle.

Lucy left a little late.

Molly will eat lunch in Atlanta.

The lazy llama did not like to work.

The lizard licked his lips.

Can the skeleton climb the ladder?

Larry wrote a letter to Lee.

The jolly policeman laughed at the silly dog.

I left my lipstick by the lamp.

Surely he will lock the door.

“Z” is the last letter in the alphabet.

The lamb was on a leash.

The balloon was floating in the clouds.

I like lettuce leaves and celery in my salad.

Linda did not like the lightning.