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Tim’s East Timor Projects

I’ve conducted 4 philanthropic projects in East Timor:  2 a success, one a failure, one too soon to tell.

I got interested in East Timor obviously during the events of 1999, plus I read a newspaper article in a New Zealand newspaper that influenced me greatly, about how individuals who take it upon themselves to set up their own aid projects often achieve more results with less resources than larger aid organisations.   This is certainly true for my mentor, Jenny Kanaley. 

Jenny has declined my offer to set up a web page for her.  She has been my guru, teaching me about East Timor, culture, politics, and about life in general – including how to deal with difficult Australians.  Jenny has roots so deep in East Timor that the Timorese claim her as their own.  Jenny has friends ranging from government ministers down to subsistence farmers, and people in-between;  and this unique perspective gives her an ability to analyse the political/economical/societal situation in East Timor.  In my opinion, she should be quoted and consulted by the media more often.

Project 1: UNTL Computers for Education

Project 2: CFL replacement

Project 3: Training Engineering Workshop

Project 4: Rice & Corn Trading Company

Thanks also to my other friends:

Friends of Same

Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission

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