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Stichting Foundation HELP BURKINA Fondation Stiftung, Help_Burkina@hetnet.nl

Who are the people behind this foundation?

Sjef Theunissen (1938), born in  Maastricht (NL). 

From 1966 until 1999, Sjef was a teacher of Latin and Greek at a school in Roosendaal. From the seventies onwards he organised small scale campaigns at his school in Christmas time. Since his first trip to Burkina Faso in 1995 the problems he encountered there have always been on his mind. His motto:With a little money a lot can be achieved here.
Pascaline Kaboré (1963), born in Balkiou, near Pouytenga (BF).
Pascaline lost her father when she was very young and in their culture the loss of a father means, that the family is rejected by society. The White Fathers took care of the family and with their help Pascaline was able to go to school. She even went to teacher training college and now she is a teacher herself. Pascaline is the representative and the ambassador of our foundation in Burkina Faso. She initiated the school of Sainte Mère Teresa and she is the chairman of the Association de Soutien aux Personnes Defavorisées (ASPD).