Stichting Foundation HELP BURKINA Fondation Stiftung, Help_Burkina@hetnet.nl


The Foundation Help Burkina


Our foundation tries to offer help in a small scale in this country with its friendly population. Since 1991 we have planted thousands of trees, in 2001 we  drilled two waterpumps in little villages and in the capital we built a school for orphans and streetchildren.

In 2003 we built a health-centre in Douré and a 3-room primary school with 3 dwellings for the teachers in Kokossin. In 2005 a "Foyer des filles" was constructed, a kind of boardingschool for 40 girls who live in remote villages in order to give them an opportunity to go to secondary school in Boulsa.

Moreover we helped to build a meeting- centre for handicapped people and orphans. We also try to find "adoption- parents" to pay the school fee (€ 100,-- a year) for an orphan.



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