In Honor of Blackjack

My cousins' family dog, Blackjack, a gentle giant Bernese mountain dog, died of a very aggressive cancer just over a week ago.  In his name I am making a donation to my local Humane Society, to help the animals in the shelter's care. I know the animals are going through a lot of hard feelings, and I would like to show them as much happiness, as I felt sadness because such a good, good dog that I loved very much passed away. 

This is baby Blackjack!!!

Blackjack and me, several years ago...

PLEASE join me in donating to my local Humane Society, in Blackjack's name. Please. I'll miss Blackjack forever, and I want to know his life will be honored by showing compassion for animals who don't have forever homes.  Please click on the "how can we help?" tab on the left for the Humane Society's link.  Thank you very, very much.

Amanda Oliver
Blackjack, earlier this year 
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