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Toktocker Auto Clicker & Typer Version (Beta)


Toktocker is a Free, Easy and  Fully featured Auto Clicker/Typer

  • Features
  1. Script-Based
  2. All mouse events are supported including mouse clicks, cursor motion, drag,
    drop, wheel up, wheel down.
  3. All text input events including case sensitive Alphabet, numbers and
  4. All special keys including F1<->F12, Esc, Ctrl, PrtSc, Alt, etc can be
    Hold,Released or Typed
  5. Insert delay between mouse or keyboard events.
  6. Repeat script for definite number of times.
  7. Save/Open scripts.
  8. Interruption while running script.
  9. Counter Tool.
  10. Coordinates Viewer Tool.

  • Download links

          Download form

          Download from

  • Compatibility
           This Auto Clicker & Typer is for Linux, Windows and Mac.
       It is compatible with all Operating Systems that have the JRE installed.
           You can install it for free from here..

  • Developer

                Code and Design: Helmyano


  • Screenshots

Toktocker Main Frame

File menu

Options menu

Tools menu

Counter Tool

Coordinates Viewer Tool

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