Upgrade of an Acer Liquid S100 from Android 1.6 to 2.1 (Eclair) and to 2.2 (Froyo)

Since June 2010 I own an Acer Liquid S100 Android smartphone. A very nice phone and reasonably priced. Only disadvantage was that it ran Android 1.6, while Android 2.2 was already out. It was, however, expected that an update would come and indeed in July there was the announcement on www.androidworld.nl. Trying the automatic update gave, however, no response. That turned out not be a surprise. I seemed to own a Belgian version (ROM file name ends on CUS2), rather a generic one (ROM file name ending on GEN1). I used http://www.androidworld.nl/30091/howto-acer-liquid-updaten-naar-android-2-1-of-2-2/ to install the recovery image by malez. Great stuff because it also can make nandroid backups of everything. I tried the Liquid Community ROM (LCR), but after installation I had the
"Black Screen of Death" and only after several tries I could save my phone through the nandroid backup. Finally I managed with the Acer Download Tool, the Acer Windows USB driver and the new ROM image to install Eclair, which is really great.

To be added all links to software used
Acer Windows driver: ftp://ftp.support.acer-euro.com/smartphone/s100/driver/
This driver (and a Windows computer) is an absolute necessity. Without it no new image can be installed.

The flash tool is found at: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PFUNWC93  (A1_DL_Tool__Intra__Single__v3.100_20091027.zip)

The image can be taken from Acer's website: www.acer.nl -> Service & support -> Download driver -> Smart handheld -> Liquid -> Liquid -> OS

Rooting of the telephone and the Nandroid backup through: http://acer-liquid-community-rom-bugtracker.googlecode.com/files/Superboot.zip. As said it rescued my phone.

However, I think it was the malez recovery that obstructed installation of a patch that would solve a text memory problem (SMS geheugen is vol). At the acer site a new zip file is found (OS_Acer_1.100.09.EMEA.GEN1_A21E_A.zip). On a windows machine with appropriate USB driver the included set-up file runs and a new image is installed. It seems my memory problems are over. I hope this is the last update for Eclair, because the installation of the new image destroyed all my settings.

Upgrade to Froyo
I don't have all the data anymore written down, but I managed to install Froyo on my Acer. I have now tethering available and could get rid of my UMTS-card in my laptop.  The main problem was re-installing all apps with Titanium backup since only with Windows I was able to become root. With linux it didn't work. Since this A100 only has 256 MB memory an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich seems extremely unlikely.

Last edited on 22-12-2011