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The Final Scores are in!!!

Helljumpers member Pete took home the MVP award. Congratulations Pete!


The Red Rangers take the 2011 Global BT Big Game. The score of fields won by the closes at:

Red Rangers:  18

Blue Battalion: 9

Here is a list of the fields that participated and submitted scores:


1.       CTTR Paintball

2.       Camelot Paintball

3.       Frontline Paintball

4.       Real Action Paintball

5.       Assassins Paintball

6.       Paintball Arena

7.       Blastcamp Paintball

8.       Paintball de Karukéra

9.       Real Action Paintball Argentina

10.   Paintball Command

11.   Paintball Bulgaria

12.   Hooah Paintball

13.   Paintball Match Ecuador

14.   Action Paintball LLC

15.   Wildcats Paintball

16.   Nitro Paintball


18.   Dodge City Paintball




1.       U-Tac Paintball

2.       MN Pro Paintball

3.       Tactical Paintball

4.       Paintball Wholsalers

5.       TXR Paintball

6.       Breakaway Paintball

7.       Impact Paintball

8.       Emboscada Paintball

9.       Paintball Sports & Supply


Empire Battle Tested 2011
Empire Battle Tested Big Game - The One Day Global Paintball Event.

Congratulations to "Bull" Johnson for leading the Loveless team to victory!

Most Valuable team- Ganggreen
Most Valuable Player(s) - Crusaders
Best Sportsmanship -ChaseWhittington

A special thanks to Sean "SPYRO" Riggs for his leadership for the James West side.

                          Most Valuable team- Helljumpers
                           Most Valuable Player(s) - Carter Cheramie
                            Best Sportsmanship - Lakeshore Titans

Brief Team History
Welcome to the Helljumpers scenario paintball team website.
Helljumpers is a scenario paintball team. We are based in Louisiana. The team was born April 2009. We made our first appearance as a scenario team at the Paintball Command: Palmyra Island scenario.