1965 Plymouth Barracuda

AKA. The Hell Fish

This is a on going log of the restoration of my 65 "Cuda"


A "Fish" in the wild!

This is my 1965 Cuda. The Hell Fish. For a project its in very good shape. It's going to get a full make over and some upgrades. Since the project begain in 2000, I have added a Suregrip 8 1/4 rear end, front disk brakes, rebuilt the suspension, rebuilt the engine and Spitfire headers, just for a start.

Over the years I have been playing with the fish, I have had many slowdowns for the car, but great things in terms of life. Three children, a new house, and a job I did enjoy for 14 years(even if I complained from time to time) has slowed down a "quick" project. The Hell Fish was orginally planned to be quick. The engine turned over by hand, but somewhere along the way everything changed. This was my first classic car and first project. I have learned a lot through this car and still have more to learn.


In case you are wondering, yes, you may have seen that HellFish logo before. It was from an episode of the Simpsons. It was an army company with Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns in WWII. I wanted to find a cool name for my Barracuda and this episode came on. It was freaky and one of the coolest logos ever. So, Matt Groening and Fox  please don't sue.



Full current plan: Complete rebuilt suspension with upgraded torsion bars, disc brakes, 8 1/4 axle, fully rebuilt 273 with Spitfire headers, repainted interior, recovered seats, new headliner, repaired floor, Formula S tach, sway bar, frame connectors and custom touches. You know, a full out restoration. On the road by May 4th 2012. Hopefully unemployement can move this along. 

The journey has been long, sometime frustrating and difficult, but fun. Can't wait for it to be complete.



The engine is a 273 with a 4 bbl carb, otherwise known as the Commando V8.