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A Call to the Kuroi

(by Purecreature)

Oh, to swim naked in your streams, my Queen
To climb your highest trees,
To wrestle with your lion cubs,
To heft your battle axe.

Your cry upon my lips, Titan,
Your warm rock against my back,
Your ancient wisdom whispered in my ear,
Your grace upon my heart.

Your ways are not forgotten, my Lady,
Highest amidst the high,
We owe to you a debt no less
Then half the land, the seas, the skies.

Teach us your ways anew, Goddess
Assemble your Daktyls proud.
For you, Great Mother of god and beast,
I promise stamping and singing,
Jumping and flinging,
Dancing and drinking,
Loving and grinning.

And amidst the revelry,
A name sung into the starry skies,
A name first uttered by the One
To whom Gods and Titans swear alike
A name for Her most treasured daughter.
Fathomless, luminescent, passionate,
I sing to you.