A brief overview of the site:
  • Hellenion in the Press : Hellenion members catching some good press. 
  • Hellenion's Monthly Libations : The monthly libation ensures that at least one day a month is shared by the Hellenion community, albeit scattered, at the same time. It also ensures that each of the twelve Olympians is honored at least once during the year. Note that this libation is not a required practice of Hellenion but a voluntary activity endorsed by many Hellenion members. 
  • Hellenion Chat Blog Roll : A listing of the blogs of the members of Hellenion chat (let us know if you would like to be included).
  • Articles and Essays : Articles and Essays by Hellenion members.
  • Theoi in the News : Press articles of interest.
  • Calendar : Our Google calendar (but don't forget the main calendar page).
  • Festivals : Currently we have articles on over 65 festivals! 
  • Hymnodia : The Hymnodia Project is an online compendium of hymns, prayers, and other devotional material by and for modern worshippers of the gods of ancient Greece. 
  • Thiasoi Directory : A listings for Hellenic (Greek) polytheist groups. 
 Also check out:
  • Facebook Page : Updated regularly.
  • Facebook Group : A place to discuss topics and share our experiences.
  • Forum : Another "front porch" for you to get to know Hellenion and have some dialog. 
  • Sitemap : This will help you navigate through the very large festival section.