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Music Download

Gmail- Google Email (***) 

Google Talk- IM and Phone chat all through google (@,D)

Google Page Creator- Get 100MB to build you own website and host without worrying about bandwith. (@) 

Google Earth- See the satellite photos of the earth, and maps combined together into one program. ($,D)

Google Desktop- Get news Email and more all on your start bar. (D,!)

Picasa- Organize Photos, add captions and more. (D)

Froogle- Shop the google way. (!)

Video- Search videos on google.

Finance- Checkout stocks, create porfolios, and more. (!)

AdWords- Add some ads  to google searches. (***,$)

Groups- Search Start and Read internet groups. (!)

Alerts- Get notified when something happens. (@)


ABC= These are my favorite things. 

$= These arent free.

$= Payed Version Avalible

@= These Require Gmail account

!= No Gmail Needed But Gives More Fetures

***= Sign Up needed 

D= Download