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May Labs

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April Labs

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 Ch 10 waves - What are some of the characteristics of waves? -  his lab goes with Chapter 10. We did not complete this lab but it can be used as a lab alternative for other labs that were missed.
Chapter 11 Sound - How is an oscilloscope used to tune a musical instrument?-

Chapter 12 Electromagnetic
- What is the electromagnetic spectrum? -

Chapter 13 & 14  Mirrors & Light - How are colors created? -


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 March 4th, 2010 Mini Labs- Newtons 3 Laws-this is the Make up for this lab- if you were absent.  you will be able to create the lab sheet on the lab. you will need to print your answers when your done.
March 5th.2010 The effect of Force on Motion- This is a lab alternative to replace that lab if you were absent- Is the bubble gum Physics. You can complete this at home and bring in your lab report.

March 18- Simple Machines- Use this link to complete the virtual mini labs on simple machines. You will need the attachment below before you begin.

March 15-19  Energy Project Lab-How is energy converted from one form to another? - you will type you answers on the lab and then print them out to turn in with your project or write them down as you go.
March 23, 2010 -  How does a generator work? You will recieve a hand-out in the lab. If  you were absent, you will need to print the items from the lab, print the attachment, or write them by hand. See the bottom attachments for the lab report template for this lab.
 March 26 - April 3 -Electricity Project Lab- How are voltage, currents, and resistants related?-  You are required to submit a lab for this project. You will find a template with the other project material.


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First Semester

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1 . Virtual Lab - alternative for Viscosity lab.  You will need to click on the link below and fill out the attached lab sheet. This can be emailed to me or printed and returned to class.

2. Virtual Lab-alternative for Radioactivity lab. You will need to fill out the attached lab sheet as you watch this video. You can print it and return it or email it.


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CHEMICAL BONDS- You need the attachments below that go with this lab. - ALIEN JUICE BAR LAB-CHAPTER 23 ACIDS & BASES

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