www.helixwindeurope.com and www.helixwind.eu are for sale!

If you are interested in purchasing either of these domain names

www.helixwindeurope.com OR

 please e-mail the following e-mail address to open discussions:

These domain names are currently on sale for GBP30,000 each or best offer.

Helix Wind
Helix wind Europe
Helixwind Europe
Helix windeurope

They will go to the first reasonable offer.
A deal for both can also be agreed.

Any wind turbine manufacturer or reseller of any wind-turbine products should seriously consider purchasing these domain names.

If you believe this domain name would aid your enquiries and you obviously don't own it yet...
can you afford to let it go.

If your competitors buy it, they will most likely get enquiries that could originally have been looking for you, which makes this sale look like a bargain.