Heli Väätäjä

Yliopettaja | Principal Lecturer

Master School

Tiedolla johtamisen asiantuntija -koulutus

Specialist in Knowledge-Based Management - Education

Lapin Ammattikorkeakoulu | Lapland University of Applied Sciences


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I have diverse practical experience in company context (10+ years) and applied research experience in university and research institute context (10+ years). Current research related activities span from research carried out in close cooperation with company partners to planning and managing projects as well as disseminating results to company partners and academia. I take pride in combining my teaching and research with practical and scientific (methodological and theoretical) contributions.

My current research interest is in knowledge-based management education, knowledge management in tourism business and in social care and health informatics fields, human-computer interaction, open knowledge and data sharing, animal-computer interaction as well as welfare and emotions of animals using technological solutions.

Previous research covers e.g. complex systems in MEI (metals and engineering industry) where we focused on industrial sensor networks and use of usage data to inform supplier companies in product development and user experience design.

Major part of prior research has focused primarily on mobile and ubiquitous media creation and consumption, as well as mobile crowdsourcing of news media content. In addition to this, I have participated to studies on serious gaming for health, and open innovation communities.

My PhD thesis topic focused on user experience in mobile news making with smartphones from the viewpoint of professional users and citizen photojournalists. We carried out altogether 10 field studies on professional use from 2008 til the end of 2010. We have been studying citizen photojournalists and reader reporters since 2010, with the project ending in 2014.

My specialties are:

* Online and mobile education, educational analytics, educational games

* User experience, human-centered design, service design, requirements elicitation, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction)

* Media, news, online communities

* Mobile systems, mobile use, mobile context

* Privacy, location disclosure, perceived risks, benefits and value

* Work-related systems, crowdsourcing and serious gaming

* Ethical issues and guidelines

* ACI (animal-computer interaction), animal training, applied animal behavior, animal welfare and emotions, human-animal relationship

* Cooperation with company partners and other internal and external stakeholders

In addition, I have done research and published on health-related persuasive gaming, online open innovation communities, and signal processing related topics.

I have previously worked as a researcher and postdoctoral researcher in Tampere University of Technology (2007-2018), University of Tampere (2017-2018) and Tampere University (2019). Prior to university I worked as a research engineer at Nokia Research Center, Tampere (1995-2007). At Nokia I carried out research on user requirements for novel SOA based mobile architecture for mobile and ubiquitous systems and multi-user detection algorithms for TD/CDMA 3G networks.

I started my research career (1990-1994) as a research scientist and research assistant at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Work was related to sensor signal processing and analysis in the fields of paper mill industry and heavy machinery as well as acoustic modelling of ultrasonic signals for autonomous robotic applications.