Even the sun must set

Email sent to all members on June 1:

With the end of the 2016 Season, we want to thank all the players, their families, and the coaches, for their hard work and dedication throughout the long months.  Our competitive teams achieved some of the greatest success the Club has seen, and each of you should be proud of what you accomplished.  In addition, we had another terrific Academy program, with a lot of new faces learning the game.  Here's how each of our competitive teams finished at Regionals:

  • Helios 17-1 Cocoa Beach
    • Semi-finalist at GEVA 17 Club Flight 2
  • Helios 16-1 Malibu
    • 3rd in Pool in GEVA 16 Open Flight 2
  • Helios 15-1 Laguna
    • Semi-finalist at GEVA 15 Club Flight 5
  • Helios 14-1 Ipanema
    •  Finalist at GEVA 14 Club Flight 4
  • Helios 13-1 Waikiki
    • Quarter-finalist at GEVA 13 Open, losing to eventual winner, who will be representing GEVA at Nationals
    • Tied for 5th in the Region at Regionals
    • Tied for 1st in New Jersey at Regionals
  • Helios 13-2 Cancun
    • Quarter-finalist at GEVA 13 Club Flight 2, losing to eventual winner of Flight 2

However, I am also writing this email to inform you that this has been my final season running the Helios Volleyball Club, which will officially close down over the coming weeks. These last five years have been an important part of my life, from starting a small summer clinic with nine girls playing on grass, to having ten times that number playing at all levels of competition within the Region. That said, there were many reasons behind this decision, which needless to say was not taken lightly. Ultimately, the reasons added up to my view that the Club could not continue next season at an acceptable level, and I did not want to offer a poor experience to returning players who might be better served elsewhere.

I know that many of you, especially the younger players just starting out, will be continuing your volleyball career for years to come, finding new clubs to play for, and making new friends with new teammates and coaches. I will very much miss being a part of that time in your lives. I wish only the best for each of you, and look forward to hearing of your continued success in volleyball.

Charles Sheard, President