What is Helios?

Helios is a cross functional business management game. The invitees to this are undergraduate colleges and the purpose is a 'rite of initiation' of sorts. What better than a game that borrows from the ancient God of the Sun? Helios brings together bright and curious minds from diverse disciplines and tests raw management potential – can they innovate, compete and perform in teams? This peep into the world of management coats the rigor and vitality of a career in management with a strong dose of fun.

The main game is a part of XIMB's annual extravaganza - Xpressions. For more details on Xpressions please visit-

The event is open free of charges to all under-graduate students currently pursuing their graduation. The team should comprise of 2 members each. Both members must belong to the same institute. However, there is no limitation in the number of teams that can apply from a single institute.

Helios will be conducted in 2 phases-
Phase1 (Prelims):
It will be an on-line event. It will start from October 23, 2009. For details about the Prelims click here
Phase 2 (Finals):
If your entry in Phase 1 is selected, you are eligible to participate in Phase 2 events, which will be held at the XIMB campus on November 13, 2009 as a part of our annual event Xpressions.

Travel and accommodation-
Teams eligible for Phase 2 will be eligible for reimbursement of sleeper train fare to and from their college. The participants will also get food and accommodation in XIMB campus during the event.

Total prize money will be up to Rs. 45,000.