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 Helias das Licht - Renato Elia
  • Noi possiamo andare oltre lo specchio... per leggere il contenuto della nostra ANIMA... che è "nei miei Universi" la stessa per tutti noi.
  • We can go beyond the mirror... to read the contents of our SOUL... SHE is "in my Universes" the same for us all.

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arte, formazione, laboratori artistici e culturali, poesie, lavori di gruppo - a cura di Renato Elia (Helias das Licht) - Gorizia, Italia

2014/11/01 a Gorizia - Helias das Licht - Renato Elia

2009 08 13 - Helias das Licht - Renato Elia

Our artist Helias das Licht  - Renato Elia - is an Italian painter, born in the summer of 1949 in the city of Udine in the northern part of Italy.
Renato Elia holds a diploma in Industrial Electronics. He took several jobs and assumed active responsibilities in this fiel d of specialization in Italy and some other European countries. This allowed him to enlarge his scope of studies to include Therapeutic studies at Berne and Neuro-Phsyco Language.
Renato Elia was born with the art of painting and it grew with him all the way through and so did his creativity. He started his paintings at an early stage of his childhood, and at maturity, he emerged into his universes bringing the earth and the properties of Mother Nature into co-existence.
His paintings contributed ito curing persons with special needs as well as individuals suffering instabilities. A look at hi s paintings gives us a feeling of a better future.His project is "The Children of the Future" and the project of his works is for the future. Renato Elia always wonders '' Will there be children 5000 years from now?''.
Renato Elia leans back in his chair and says: ‘’Yes, and we will meet them in the universes of the paintings.
At present, Renato Elia resides at Via Duse 22, Gorizia, northeast Italy.

 2006 06 13  - Helias das Licht - Renato Elia

1949/50 - Helias das Licht - Renato Elia