This application will convert the resistive screen of your N900 into a hi-resolution mobile X-Ray unit.

Each cell of your Screen that represent a pixel is able to detect cosmic background radiation. Normally you see this only as noise. You know it from modern digital cameras. Night shoots are worst affected. Normally you’re unable to see this at your screen because of the integrated background illumination. Now there is a way to filter the background illumination and detect the cosmic background radiation. This application is able to switch the N900 LCD Matrix preamplifier into a readout mode!

You will see that this works unexpected well. It needs several seconds to develop a image. Please take the time and don’t slide the keyboard in or out during the process to get the best result.

Because of the Touchscreensensor this application is at the Moment only able to detect roentgen radiation at maximum 14 millimeters behind the screen. But we are working at code to improve the range to about 40 millimeters.


Please visit talk.maemo.org to learn more about N900-X-Ray.