Currently only for maemo - I'm planing a complete rewrite for MeeGo
Conky is a strong and powerful tool to watch what is going on on your system. Sadly, it is able to do a lot more than you could display at your small screen the same time.
But this will change now with ConkyLayoutSwitcher!
This Application makes it possible to switch your Conky status Monitor fast and live between 4 Layouts - depending of your current use case (general, system load, Network Traffic and Disk usage)
It is a statusbar Plugin with a Setup Application to change different parameter and a set of special N900 Conky Layouts with the “Live Config Switch Feature” but you’re still able to create your own. Its the fastest way to start conky if you want to know whats going on.
It is made up of 3 parts: 
  • Statusbar Applet
  • Configuration Application
  • The Layouts (some are still in a draft state)

Layout 1 - generic

Layout 2 - CPU

Layout 3 - Network

Layout 4 - Disk usage

You can find Conky Layout Switcher currently at Extra Devel. Please click the external link above the pictures to learn more.

Please follow the progress and discussions about this application here: LINK to