ClipMan is a small but powerful Clipboard Manager for your Mobile Device. It works great at the Nokia N900, N9 Harmattan and MeeGo Tablet edition.
This application stores, if currently running, all text based clipboard content in a small database. You’re able to scroll thru the list, see the history and you’re anytime able
to put something back to the clipboard to use it again.

If you’re working on a big document, on the command line or if you’re dealing with some script or python sourcecode, you should keep running THIS Application in the backround. You have not to think about, if you still have something in the clipboard that could be useful in the future or not as soon as you copy something.
If you finished your current project you’re able to empty the Database and clear all collected Data to ensure a fast Clipboard Manager and to protect your own privacy.

You can find this application currently at Maemo Extras, Intels AppUp Store and the OVI Store. Enjoy it!


Please follow the progress and discussions about this application here: LINK to

projected features:
  • I want to create a background daemon to monitor the clipboard without running UI
  • a small webserver, running directly on the device, to share clipboard data across TCP/IP connections without the need of some kind of 3rd party web service. (to copy a text or Link from your MeeGo based mobile to your MeeGo based tablet at example)

 User Comment 
MyNokiaN900 Nice idea. I use this feature a lot on my PC. Great work!
MyNokiaN900 It's good, and definitely worth a donation, which I will get to you as soon as possible.
 J4ZZ Finally a so damn wanted clipboard manager.
 WhiteWolf Thanks, it's GREAT
 ric9K Installed.
I have been whishing and missing so an app since so long!
helex, killer app... After using this for the last few hours I realise that I have been craving something like this and never realised, this is just so damn useful!
 demolition First impreesions are good. Easy to use, clipboard manager for text items.
This app is AWESOME. I really wanted an app like this as I do a lot of copy/paste on my N900 while posting on forums/blogs etc. Does exactly what I want it to do. Thank you for such a great app!!
 casper27 Great App, as with most great apps you never knew you really needed it till you start using it more and more.