Clipboardmanager with Database backend
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TcpKeyboard (Keyboard share application for Desktop PC <-> Nokia N9)
The announced N9 has no keyboard. Because of this fact I want to create a Application to share the Keyboard from a Windows / Linux PC with the N9 handset thru a simple TCP/IP connection. This wouldn't need a Bluetooth pairing, wouldn't interupt your work at the Desktop PC and you don't need a expensive Bluetooth Keyboard. It would work as soon as you're at your home WiFi with your mobile like my DreamRemote project.
This project would need a background application, running at the N9 that communicates with a small Application at the Desktop PC. As soon as the user has this Application in the foreground the keyboard input from the desktop will appear at the N9. If the user switch to a other application the connection is still established but paused, he can continue to work with his Desktop PC without limitations. Great to work at the Terminal or Python coding. You won't need a additional bluetooth keyboard while you're at home near your Desktop. This project will help developers likewise normal users.

a WiFi based remote control for several Linux based receiver - mainly for the hi-end DreamBox receiver from DreamMultimedia, but also several receiver from AZBox, Kathrein, dbox2 (with Neutrino image) and since several weeks the Linux-VDR project (with running "VDR-live" Plugin)
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a small tool to enhance the capabilities of Conky (monitor your system)
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a small viewer application for Bash.org 
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