The Brand

     Recognising Helensville’s inherent qualities and using them to make the place unique was a major factor in developing the brand. It’s about creating something bespoke to Helensville that is simple in its execution, look and feel.
     Helensville is a spirited place. It is made up of its people who have character, a sense of humour, are diverse and have passion for what they have to offer. Helensville is strong community and well established, it’s a conservative, traditional sort of place with a proud heritage.

The logo attends to these values with the use of the representation of the post office building, the palette; the green of the word Helensville, the font and the blue curve. The logo is sophisticated yet expresses great personality.
     The new Helensville brand will improve the profile and image of the area with residents, key stakeholders and visitors alike. It will attract new and dynamic residents and businesses and be a catalyst for a wider programme of culture change within the district. 
     The brand will help set new standards of communication, service, values and behaviour along with leading to more cost-effective and speedier ways of communication.