About me

I am an Associate Director and Head of the Tax sector at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, London. My IFS profile can be found here. I am also an editor of Fiscal Studies, which is a journal that aims to bridge the gap between academic public economics research and policy conclusions. 

My CV can be found here.

My current research is focused in two broad areas. One is productivity, where I am working on better understanding the drivers of firm level investment and UK productivity performance following the Great Recession. The other is business tax and the internationalization of research. I am working on estimating how various dimensions of tax and public policy affect where multinationals choose to locate their research activities.

My recent projects have considered the effects of corporate taxes on the location of intellectual property, the introduction of Patent Boxes across Europe, and issues surrounding tax competition between European governments. My research has also investigated the extent to which firms are locating their innovative activities abroad, including in emerging economies, and what effects this may be having on activities at home.
    Contact details
    email:    helen_m(at)ifs.org.uk
    phone:  020 7291 4800   
    office:   IFS, 7 Ridgmount street,
                London, WC1E7AE