Hélène Turon

I am a Professor in Economics in the School of Economics at the University of Bristol.

Here are my contact details:

Room 2B9

School of Economics,

University of Bristol

Priory Road Complex, Bristol BS8 1TU

Email: helene.turon-lacarrieu@bristol.ac.uk

My CV on this link.


My research interests are in labour economics. I am interested in both theoretical and empirical aspects of labour market models. My recent research focuses on labour reallocation, the public-private pay gap, earnings dynamics and firing taxes. My ongoing research is on search and matching models with flexible work arrangements, employment protection legislation, and on household labour supply. Below is a list of my completed papers and work in progress.

Completed papers

Work in progress


I currently teach units Labour Economics and Applied Economic Dissertation (third-year undergraduate). For students enrolled on these units, further information is available on BlackBoard.

My girls

Sophie and Chloe and again.