hélène turon

I am a Professor in Economics in the School of Economics at the University of Bristol.

Here are my contact details:

Room 2B9

School of Economics,

University of Bristol

Priory Road Complex, Bristol BS8 1TU

Email: helene.turon-lacarrieu@bristol.ac.uk

My CV on this link.


My research interests are in labour economics. I am interested in both theoretical and empirical aspects of labour market models. My recent research focuses on labour reallocation, the public-private pay gap, earnings dynamics and firing taxes. My ongoing research is on consumer search frictions and on household labour supply. Below is a list of my completed papers and work in progress.

Completed papers

  • Zero-hours Contracts in a Frictional Labor Market, with Juan Jose Dolado and Etienne Lalé, CEPR Discussion Paper, DP16843, 2021.

  • So different yet so alike: micro and macro labour market outcomes in Germany and Spain, with Maia Güell, Cristina Lafuente, and Manuel Sánchez, SERIEs, 2021.

  • Consumer Search Frictions on the Internet, with Gregory Jolivet, Review of Economic Studies, p.1258-1300, 2019.

  • Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: a Structural Model, with Jake Bradley and Fabien Postel-Vinay, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 15.6, p.1214-1257, 2017.

  • Salaires et Emploi dans les Secteurs Public et Privé, Différences et Interactions, with Jake Bradley, Matt Dickson and Fabien Postel-Vinay, Revue Francaise d'Economie, vol. 31.1, p.65-109, 2016.

  • The Impact of Firing Restrictions on Labour Market Equilibrium in the Presence of On-the-job Search, with Fabien Postel-Vinay, The Economic Journal, vol. 124, p.31-61, 2014.

  • The Lifetime Earnings Premium in the Public Sector: The View from Europe, with Matt Dickson and Fabien Postel-Vinay, Labour Economics, vol. 31, p. 141-161, 2014.

  • On-the job Search, Productivity Shocks, and the Individual Earnings Process, with Fabien Postel-Vinay, International Economic Review, vol. 51, p. 599–629, August 2010.

  • Worker Flows, Job Flows and Unemployment in a Matching Model, with Simon Burgess, European Economic Review, vol. 54, p. 393-408, April 2010.

  • The Public Pay Gap in Britain: Small Differences That (Don't?) Matter, with Fabien Postel-Vinay, Economic Journal, vol. 117, p. 1460-1503, October 2007.

  • Unemployment dynamics,duration and equilibrium: Evidence from Britain, with Simon Burgess, EconomicJournal, vol. 115, p. 423–448, April 2005.

  • Inflow composition, duration dependence, and their impact on the UK unemployment outflow rate, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, vol. 65, p. 31–47, Feb 2003.

Work in progress

  • Home production of childcare and labour supply decisions in a collective household model.

  • The fiscal return to child care subsidies, with David Koll and Dominik Sachs.

  • Job Mobility and Creative Destruction: Flexicurity in the Land of Schumpeter, with Francis Kramarz, Franck Malherbet and Josef Zweimuller.

  • School Choice and Segregation, with Ellen Greaves.


I currently teach units Labour Economics and Applied Economic Dissertation (third-year undergraduate). For students enrolled on these units, further information is available on BlackBoard.

My girls

Sophie and Chloe and again.