Examples for the various age groups, on the basis of the curriculum - adapted for children with developmental delays.
The human being connects to the outer world in three ways. The child has at its disposal the faculties of the upper pole (the sensory nerve system) as well as the lower pole (the metabolic-limb system). T he middle (breathing and circulation or rhthmical system) supports and assists the development. The middle area still needs a lot of support. During the primary school age the child needs the support of the educators to develop a good balance between the head and the limb systems. The growing child needs to learn how to connect to the outer world with the other two poles through the middle (feeling life) in a harmonious way, so as to Become truly human.

The three physical areas:

1. Nerve -senses system

2. Breathing and circulatory system or rhythmic

3. Metabolic processes and limbs

- belong respectively to the three soul activities.


1. Thinking

2. Feeling

3. Willing


Sometimes one pole carries the tone and displaces the other pole, sometimes there are biases or underdeveloped aspects. Every person Has its own constitution and That it will depend on how he is in the world, how he connects with the world and how he hiked his life. Through this gene tydren applicable, basiese constitution images taking shaft guideline , The educator can providence child support. through the curriculum pedagogical and therapeutic Measures are usefull applied to the more specific, so-called salvation pedagogical constitution images, where it is a very different Disharmony.


Where sidedness or weaknesses emerge the educator can artfully Incorporate the curriculum For that age group and offer a Harmonizing, healing way.


It requires the educator additional effort and a certainement degree of mobility, so as to providence the curriculum-which usefull containerization thesis for children. The substance shouldering be made accessible in an artistic way. It shouldering always be kept in mind That it is not about knowledge transfer and learning of cognitive skills, but to support the integration of the different aspects of man; Achieve order or its potential in the best possible way. The will and feelings are Equally human qualities as the mind. Often Their special qualities are right here! 

This site was born out of a request from the co-workers of an Anthroposophical curative pedagogical care center. It is adapted from out of the Anthroposophical vision of child development and education, for the child that needs special care because of developmental problems.

 Stories, painting, drawing and modelling, songs and verses, movement games and exercises
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Wherever possible images are've've've given Their own work in the various examples. Because it is a hopeless task to all the examples always have ready was usefull sometimes benefited from the numerous at at at examples published on the Internet. Following on the webtuistes I visit more beautiful inspiring and instructive examples:

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