How do I decide whether I need counselling or psychotherapy - what is the difference?
Counselling is often shorter term than psychotherapy and may deal more with the “problem” that the person wants help with. Psychotherapy can be more “in depth” and longer term, and more often addresses the unconscious. It’s by doing work at this depth that it’s often possible to identify the underlying issues that create ongoing problems in life. The training to be a psychotherapist is longer and more intense than the training to be a counsellor.
So how can counselling help me?
The way I work should enable you to clarify things for yourself. I will help you to express what you feel about things and understand what the obstacles are to you moving on in the way you want to in your life. This allows you to think about the changes you want to make. The increase in self awareness that comes about from this helps you to  think about what is realistic and possible, so that the changes you make have a better chance of working out. I am not a CBT trained therapist but I do believe that the way we think can strongly influence our feelings - so  sometimes it is useful to work in this way with particular clients.
So how can psychotherapy help me?
Psychotherapy enables you to develop a deep awareness of yourself within a safe and accepting relationship. It does this through exploring deep seated feelings, understanding the way in which you relate to others through the therapeutic relationship and through understanding the influence of the past on your current situation and your relationships. Over time psychotherapy helps people develop a stronger sense of self which enables them to manage their feelings better and develop ways of thinking and acting which are healthier and more successful. The therapeutic relationship in itself would help you to interact more successfully with others, help you learn how to express your feelings, and develop your confidence in yourself as a person