5/6/11     Hey! I decided to move the page to, just to sound more professional. Sorry for the inconvenience, but future updates will be posted there from now on.

4/21/11    A new content updated has been released! Bringing the version up to 1.10 . This new version adds mouse support to the game, as well as a completely redesigned World 1. Enjoy!
I'm going to keep the price the same for now, though once all worlds have been redesigned, the price will be bumped up to a fixed $5.

4/12/11    Thanks guys, we've found some good help, and are now at work redesigning the levels. Expect something new soon!

4/1/11      I'm looking for help! If anyone is interested in designing levels for the game and taking home a percentage of the sales, hit me up at

3/29/11    Version 1.02 has been released. It includes some new art, and a few bug fixes. Including a fix for the spike area in Level 1.

3/22/11      I made some small updates to the game. Fixed a few bugs, including a nasty memory leak. I also changed the way hover works. Enemies no longer drop hover power ups. Now hover simply replenishes when you've stayed on the ground long enough, although look out, it also runs out a lot faster.

11/14/10    The project is now open source at

11/11/10    I'm going to have to at least temporarily cancel the planned Mac port. It seems developing on the Mac is just a lot harder than I realized it would be. I'm going to go back to the linux port and see if I can make it more portable across distros.

11/03/10    The Mac version is taking a little longer than I thought it would to get right. It's mostly the sound libraries I'm having trouble installing right now.

10/30/10    I realize we were mentioned on and it wasn't clear that the game is only officially supported for Ubuntu. If there are any other distributions that people would like to play the game on, please let me know, and I'll be sure that it gets done.

10/29/10    I updated the demo today to better match the full version, also added a demo for the Ubuntu version.  

10/27/10    The Ubuntu version is out! You'll need to install some dependencies to run it (described in the Readme). Anyway, I was surprised to find out that the XBOX360 controls still work in split screen even with this version. You can get the new version from the download page that you get when you buy the game.

10/25/10    Game was updated today to include new weapons in the first person areas, also a bunch of bug fixes that should hopefully stop the game from crashing :) We've also brought on Mario de Alba to create music for the game from now on, and he's completely redone the game's soundtrack.
I also just bought a Mac mini today, so I'm hoping to get the Mac and Linux versions up next.