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Selected List


A Story Untold for solo viola (2013), ca. 13'
Frozen Reminiscences
for solo piano (2011), ca. 11'
Five Pieces from the Game for solo piano (2010), ca. 18'
Landscape in Stillness
for solo piano (2009) , ca. 9’

Here, in Solo
for solo trumpet in B flat (2008), ca. 6’
Here, in Solo
for solo clarinet in B
flat (2008/2010), ca. 6’
for solo piano (2006), ca. 15’
Shadows amid Light
for solo harp (2003/rev. 2005), ca. 10’
The Flutist Enchanting
for solo flute (2001), ca. 9’


Invented Voyage for Baroque Strings and Organ (2015), ca. 5'
"Like memory of music fled" for string trio (2012), ca. 10'
Reminiscences from the Game
for woodwind quintet (2010), ca. 10'
Intricate Wanderings
for flute, clarinet, and cello (2009), ca. 8’
Musica for two pianos (2009), ca. 15’
Fantasia in Wind and Strings
for flute and guitar (2008), ca. 9’
String Quartet No.1
(2008), ca. 12’
for alto flute and piano (2007/2008), ca. 10’
Away in a Breeze
(2007), ca. 8’

Two versions:

for oboe, cl. in Bb /Bass Cl., marimba, vln1, vln2, vla, cello, contra bass
for fl., ob., cl. in B
b , trombone, marimba, vln, vla, cello, contra bass

Possible Sightings (2007), ca. 6’
for flute, baroque oboe, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola da gamba

“…softly through the night… memories of music…”  (2007), ca. 11’
for flute, percussion, harp, and cello

Fragments of Music for Use for flute, clarinet, and bassoon (2005), ca. 6’

Of Studies in Contrast for flute/picc. fl, clarinet/Bass cl., perc., and cello (2005), ca. 10’
Romanza in variations
for violin and viola (2005), ca. 10’
Scintilla Two
for large ensemble (2004/2006), ca. 10’
just here and now
for flute, violin, and cello (2003), ca. 10’

An Afterthought for violin, cello and piano (2002), ca. 8’

(also version for  flute, cello, and piano)

Strings+ for clarinet/Bass clarinet, violin, viola, and cello (2002), ca. 10’
for String Quartet (2000), ca. 10’

VisionUnbound   for fl. /alto fl., cl./ Bass cl., violin, viola, cello (2000), ca. 10’
La Follia Revisited
for Chamber Ensemble (1999), ca. 11’
(flute/alto fl., cl./Bass cl., harp, violin, viola, cello)                                            


… from “Autumnal Lights” for orchestra (2007/2008), ca. 7’
22*2*2/4330/ timp, perc (1)/pno/harp/strings

Autumnal Lights for orchestra (2007), ca. 10’
22*2*2/4331/ timp, perc (1)/pno/harp/strings

Scintilla One for orchestra (2004), ca. 8’
2222/4220/timp, perc (1)/pno/strings

a journey forth retraced for orchestra (2003), ca. 13’
222*2/2220/timp, perc (2)/harp/strings

In Search of Tranquility for Chamber Orchestra (1999), ca. 11’
2+2+22/2000/perc (1)/strings


It Isn’t Music That . . . for soprano and chamber ensemble (2004), ca. 10’

Text by Paul Éluard, trans. by Richard M. Weisman
soprano, horn, piano, violin, cello

The Mysteries Remain, a Song Cycle on the poems by H.D. for Soprano and Piano (2001), ca. 12-13’


Virginia R Imagines (2011), ca. 14''

Libretto by Helena Michelson with poetry and text by Robert Louis Stevenson, William Shakespeare, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Major role:  Contralto/Mez

The Game  (2010), ca. 1’15''

Libretto by Helena Michelson after The Game by Louise Bryant with additional poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti 

Major roles:  2S, Mez, Bar
flute, oboe, clarinet in B Flat, bassoon, horn in F, percussion (1 player),harp, piano, contrabass


The Morning Watch (2014), ca. 6’
Words by Henry Vaughan
for Mixed Voices (SATB) a Cappella

A Night Thought (2011), ca. 3’
Words by William Wordsworth
for Mixed Voices (SATB) a Cappella

Of Dreams and Echoes (2005), ca. 5’
Three Songs on the Poems by Christina Rossetti and Emily Brontë  for Mixed Choir a Cappella


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