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The Game (2010)

Scene 1
Hartford Opera Theater
New in November
Studio @ Billings Forge, Hartford, CT, November 14, 2010


The Morning Watch (2014)
for mixed voices (SATB) a cappella
performed by the First Readings Project
J. David Moore, conductor

The Morning Watch

Landscape in Stillness (2009)
Recorded Live at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Recital Hall, School of Music
Helena Michelson, piano

Landscape in Stillness_excerpt.mp3

"To the Minute" from "It Isn't Music That . . ." (2004)
for soprano and chamber ensemble
Recorded Live at the
Festival of New Music, Music05, Werner Recital Hall, CCM, University of Cincinnati

It Isn't Music That . . .(excerpt).mp3

Just Here and Now (2003)

Program Note:

Just Here and Now for flute, violin and cello is cast in three movements and is inspired by the Baroque forms.  The energetic first movement bears an introductory quality as the instruments engage in “dialogues” between each other.  It is followed by a Largo ushered by an extended passage for solo violin.  Here, the tempo indication should be taken in its literal meaning, broad not slow.  In this movement I was interested in exploring contrasting textures and the possibilities of instrumentation offered by this particular setup.  The piece concludes with the dance-like Allegretto scherzando in triple time.  The decidedly anti-nostalgic character of the outer movements offers the clue to the title of the piece.

Recorded Live at Composer’s Conference at Wellesley College

Just Here and Now.mp3
Just Here and Now score.pdf

Strings+ (2002)

Performed live by the Empyrean  Ensemble

Strings+ (excerpt).mp3

VisionUnbound (2000)

Performed Live by The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Neal Stulberg, conductor


La Follia Revisited (1999)

Program Note:

La Follia Revisited is based on the great Follia variations from Opus 5, a collection of violin sonatas by Arcangelo Corelli.  Consisting of twenty-four variations on a popular chord progression, Corelli’s version incorporates changes of tempo and character.  My piece is also a set of variations, though not clearly delineated, recalling the original.  In my reinterpretation of the piece, I wanted, most of all, to capture the spirit and the passion of the original work.

Performed Live by Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in Domaine Forget

La Follia Revisited.mp3

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