Are you new to Homeschooling?

There can be so much confusion when you are just getting started. 

Here in Montana we are blessed with very few laws and requirements.  You can check out the laws by clicking on the Montana Coalition link here.

In simple terms, home school families need to report to the Superintendent of Schools (see home school resources link for more info,), and keep a simple log of school/activity hours.  Grades 1-3  are required to school 720 hours a year (4 hours a day for 180 days).  Grades 4-12 are required to school for 1,080 hours (that is 6 hours a day for 180 days). You need to teach basic subjects that the public schools require, but the parent has the freedom to choose the curriculum, and how that curriculum is taught and when (If you want your child to earn a high school diploma, they need to use an accredited program during the high school years).

Curriculum is a hard thing to choose, because there are too many choices.  You don't want to waste money or time, right?  There will be some trial and error in finding just the right educational tools.  It is okay!  Seek counsel from people who have been teaching awhile, but understand that every family's needs are different.

If you don't know who to talk to, Robert Ferguson is a great resource (406-227-1115).  He owns Teaching Tools and can give you sound advice and good deals.  He has helped many people.

If you live in the Helena Area and are a Facebook fan, check out the Helena Homeschool Co-op Facebook group.

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