RL Economics

Right livelihood economics & Poverty alleviation

Right Livelihood Economics is based on the principle of 'Right Livelihood', which 'sees the essence of civilisation not in the multiplication of wants but in the purification of the human character' - E.F.Schumacher, (Small is Beautiful).

Right Livelihood Economics serves to

  • Gives a person a chance to utilise and develop his/her faculties

  • Enables a person to overcome his/her ego centeredness by joining with other people in a common task

  • Bring forth the goods and services for a becoming existence


The Right Livelihood Award (Sweden)

See how Heladiva (Sri Lanka) is performing: List or Map


Photo: Tidball, T., www.infolanka.com

Alleviating poverty effectively, requires support for projects that establish or develop schools


Alleviating poverty effectively, requires a 'hand-up' in capital and not necessarily a 'hand-out'

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Alleviating poverty effectively, requires an end to corruption