Reconciliation is an important first step towards peace and prosperity on our Island.


Reconciliation begins with oneself

We may feel the need for justice, for all the wrongs of the past. However, propagating hatred will not help anyone. It will only create conflict in the present; and for future generations. One must not feed this cycle of conflict.

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Reconciliation is to assert the rule of law

Those who are guilty of having committed crimes should be dealt in a fair and just manner and prosecuted in a court of law with due process given.


Reconciliation involves 'give and take'. It does not mean the loss of sovereignty

Heladiva is home for many people who subscribe to many different cultures. The predominant culture on the Island is the indigenous Hela culture.  Reconciliation requires the indigenous Hela to recognise the Island's ethnic communities' right to equity - to be treated as equals with equal opportunity. In return, reconciliation also requires the ethnic communities to respect and value the sovereignty of the Hela culture, its values and its traditions.



Reconciliation is coming together as one

Reconciliation is coming together as one. Supporting any organisation or movement that advocates separation will only prolong reconciliation and prolong the peace and prosperity it brings to all people. There is strength in unity. In the true spirit of integration and reconciliation, ethnic communities on the Island need to openly support and celebrate the indigenous Hela culture and derive their ethnic identity as part of the indigenous Hela culture. This means we are all Hela or Heladivians but if one chooses one can be a Hela Tamil, Hela Muslim etc. or even Hela Sinhala. In this way, we all come together as one nation of many faces.


Reconciliation requires action towards social and economic change

The Nature of the present conflict in Heladiva has arisen out of the need for poverty alleviation, education and self-governance at a very local level; as well as the need for sovereignty of the indigenous Hela culture. We propose visionary leadership and a new constitution as the foundation for this social and economic change.


Reconciliation involves establishing the original name to the country

Heladiva is the legitimate name of our Island. This name should have been re-established in 1948 with independence. We have paid a heavy price in not asserting our rightful sovereignty. Our sovereignty is not negotiable. It cannot be reduced to a word that means 'resplendent' ('Sri Lanka').Thanks to the global propaganda network of the former LTTE terrorist organization and their supporters, the current name of the country is now synonymous with Tamils, Tigers and Terrorists. The name change to Heladiva is a legitimate positive step towards reconciliation and progress towards a brighter, prosperous and a peaceful future.

"Reconciliation requires changes of heart and spirit, as well as social and economic change. It requires symbolic as well as practical action".
- Malcolm Fraser, former Australian Prime Minister