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Head of State

Head of State - The President

Prime directives of the Head of State


  • Represent: the Country - Heladiva ('Rata'), the Hela Culture ('Deiya') and the official state religion - Buddhism ('Samaya') on the national and international stage

  • Uphold the sacred Hela values of Humanity, Wisdom and Self-sufficiency

  • Uphold the sovereignty of the Hela Culture

  • Uphold the territorial integrity of Heladiva

  • Uphold civil rights and human rights of all People

  • Uphold the sovereignty of Buddhism (as the defender of the faith)

  • Uphold the country's constitution and the Hela System of Democracy

  • Call Elections on the 1st Saturday of March every 3 years

  • Appoint the Speaker to the National Assembly

  • Appoint the State Ombudsman, the Judicial Ombudsman and the Children's Ombudsman

  • Hold office as the patron of Right Livelihood Economics

  • Honour those worthy of honour on the 14th of April each year

  • Uphold the independence of the position


In extremely rare circumstances, when an imminent and real threat is present, and decisive action is required; the Supreme Council may appoint the President as the head of the Armed forces for a period of no more than 30 days upon which this supreme authority reverts back to the Supreme Council. Any extensions can only be granted by the Supreme Council on a majority conscience vote.

The President is elected for a term of 6 years. The same person can be elected as the President for a maximum of two terms only. Presidential candidates must have been born in Heladiva or if naturalised as citizens must have lived in Heladiva continuously for at least 15 years. A presidential candidate must be a person of good standing without any criminal convictions in any jurisdiction. A presidential candidate with a military background needs to have had at least 5 years separation from the military before becoming eligible as a candidate. The President is legally accountable to the Independent Council against Corruption and Due Process (ICCDP).